A New Life (1)

A New Life (1)

This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .

published on November 05, 20179 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
News !?!

News !?!

You woke up and saw your anmazing boyfriend laying beside you .You wanted to fix food for you two.Red had to teach you how to cook.He said you were anmazing at cooking and he is going to let you cook for now on.You got up and got sick .You went to bathroom and puck.You came out of the bathroom and started to fix food you two." Thats smell good Y/N " a boy voice came form behide you."Red.Do you want to conutie your journey " you asked sitting a plate on the table."Well...Yeah of course. I taking you with me Y/n " Red stated." Ok .I'll be back" you said running out of the house. " Ok" Red stated waving.You went to a store and bought a test.
You got home seeing Red worried ." What's wrong , Red " you asked walking up to him.You notice that it wasnt Red.You yelled for help but you got knock before Red could get to you.Gary had took you."Give her back !" Red yelled casing him.Red had trip and fell on something."No......way........" Red stated picking up the test you had tooked."Don't worry y/n I'm coming.I will not let them kill you " Red stated running out of the door with his pokemon.
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Comments (1)

Really good story keep it up I really enjoy the grammar and use of spell check alongside the dramatic story line
on November 05, 2017