The Widow's sting

The Widow's sting

Natasha Romanoff, one of SHEILD best Agents and fellow member of the avengers but all the best agents have an past ready to forget. When An new male recruit joins SHEILD his eyes fall for the black Widow but will she ever find love?

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Chapter 1.
Red room Nightmares

Red room Nightmares

"Sloppy. Pretending to fail. The ceremony is necessary for you to take your place in the world" Madame B says to Natasha before watching as teenage Natasha picks up the gun and starting to shoot the targets again trying to ignores the horrendous pain in her back. It was hurting her like hell and she couldn't stop it from hurting, this was the typical training session in the red room and one that all members should complete
"Alright go back to your sleeping corners I don't care" Madame B says before watching as all the young females leave the room quickly and quietly. Natasha quickly left to head into the bathroom before tearing off the Velcro stomach she had been wearing and gently looked at the small bump that was now in show, she was pregnant after an one night stand with someone whilst she was drunk and she was only drink because she had managed to get out of the red room dreaded walls that were holding her for so long but now here she was In an bathroom cradling an bump where she knew the risk of having an child  was  an deadly one as it could get killed the moment it was born, they don't do families here especially  not an baby

-9 months later-
"Again!" Madame B commanded the ladies whilst they were doing their intense Ballet sessions much to an heavily pregnant Natasha delight, her back and feet were hurting from not only the baby pushing against her back but also from the intense ballet and training sessions that she had no way of getting away from
"Finish up ladies then I want you back here for your sparring session" Madame B say before letting the girls change out of their leotards and tutu and into their sparring clothes, Natasha felt an small trickle   down her leg before realising what had just happened, her waters had just broken.
"Natasha are you okay?" An female with blonde hair and green eyes say before taking an step closer to her only to be greeted by an painful squeeze to the hand
" waters just broken!" The blonde girls eyes widen before quickly rushing Natasha to an empty room inside the red room and helping her, after two hours of painful screams and cries the sounds of an newborn could be heard
"Delilah?" Natasha  says in an worried tone before watching as Delilah carefully cut the umbilical cord and cleaning the newborn
"It's an girl Nat." She says before handing Natasha her newborn daughter and standing near the door for anybody who could walk in any moment. Natasha couldn't help but smiles at her newborn joy only for it to end when she knew she was going to have to hand it over to the only member of the red room who knew about Her pregnancy, her name was Anita.
"Natasha? Are you okay?" An woman voice says before walking in and looking at an now exhausted Natasha holding her newborn daughter in her arms before kneeling down next to her before watching as Natasha hands over the newborn child
"Take her quickly, please I don't want anything happening to her" Natasha says, tears filling in her eyes as she gently placed one final kiss on her newborn daughters head
"I love you Crystalla, I just can't have you living with me here but I love you so so much" she says before handing Anita an photo of Natasha holding Crystalla before watching as Anita quickly leaves and letting the tears flow down her cheeks
"Mom?, Mom!" An young woman voice says before shaking Natasha shoulders and watching as SHEILD best known spy jolts away quickly only to realise that it was all an bad dream and that her daughter was standing in front of her safe
"Yeah crystal?" Natasha says before getting out of bed and looking at the time
"Fury needs you to help with the newest recruits." Crystal says before leaving Natasha to quickly get presentable and join fury for meeting the new recruits.
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Add Powersurge as one of the new recruits (if you want)
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