And the winner is... season one

And the winner is... season one

I'm making a series called and the winner is... were ocs from different profiles will be in this story who ever wins their oc will have 1 million dollars kinda like those reality shows and theirs no teams so it's easy to get the story done with and the 1st time people are up for voting it's a oc vote that means ocs vote

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Chapter 2.
The 1st loser is...

The 1st loser is...

Mephone:hey everyone so as you know you didn't stay on the platform
Hydro:just get on with it
Mephone:well this 1st one will be you guys will vote and the next one the same and then the next one same as this one the 3rd one the readers vote
Fang:so it's an outside world that we can't control
Mephone:yep so the 1st one safe is silver with 1 vote
Mephone:everyone is safe but lucky Jason hydro John gold you are the only people  who only been voted more then once
John:I'm going to lose
Mephone:you are wrong John because  your safe and so is gold
Mephone:it's lucky Jason and hydro
Jason:huh? Why so many votes
Mephone:let's see
Hydro on the TV:lucky she so annoying
Lucky:×looks sad×
Jason:×hugs lucky×it's okay
Amaze starkon tv:Jason you're a object that can walk and talk
Jason:die you pice of crap
Amaze stark:hey
John:hydro he's mean can't stand that jerk
Hydro:yeah right
Mephone:lucky is safe
Jason:why did you vote me guys!!!
Lucky:×throws a sleeping and at Jason×
Jason:ugh!×falls down×
Silver:that was close
Gold:way too close
Jason:×gets up×wow I feel good
Mephone:hydro your safe
Jason:what!no please let me be here one more time ×gets hit by a big boxing glove×ahh!!!!
Hydro:were he go
Mephone:the lol
Gold:what's funny
Mephone:nothing I mean the locker of losers
John:×looking at the lol and eye ticthes×
John:why isn't hydro gone he's a jerk
Yameilette:we can get rid of him next time
Mephone:hey everyone ready
Snowdrop:um no
Mephone:too bad the next one is too make a cookies you can only make 1 to 12
Later in the lol
Jason:this place needs a fix up×gets out his tool box and starts to fix the lol and changes it×
Mephone:you have 15 minutes  to get done
John:×gets done×I'm already done
John:×sets hair on fire×it's one of my powers
Mephone:uh okay then John your safe
Mephone:John takes the 1st spot of being safe
Yameilette:good job son
Fang:Jon he's done already I can't waste time!
Gold:hey hydro
Gold:×tapping hydro with a messure tape×
Hydro:what are you doing
Gold:I'm merussering your patience  get
Hydro:my cookies there burning ×puts the fire out×scene you gold
Gold:uh oh×runs×
Snowdrop:mephone I got done with the cookies and Fang helped me
Mephone:that's nice but Snowdrop only you got inmmutiy
Mephone:you said you got done with them and Fang helped you because of that Fang is not safe
John:Fang I'll help you
Amaze stark:Mephone can we make something  else
Lucky:×eats cake and goes really fast and makes cookies really fast×
Mephone:lucky your safe
Mephone:1 spots with only safe
Amaze stark and gold:done! Uh oh×they both run too Mephone trying be safe×
Mephone:guys slow down I'll taste both of them I like amaze stark cake but gold made cake too? Okay people wow hmm I don't  know you know what gold because there better and amaze stark was safe last time
Hydro:I hate you gold
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dis dragon is safe. woot!
Plus you could say this chapter was quite shocking.
on Wednesday
17 days ago