And the winner is... season one

And the winner is... season one

I'm making a series called and the winner is... were ocs from different profiles will be in this story who ever wins their oc will have 1 million dollars kinda like those reality shows and theirs no teams so it's easy to get the story done with and the 1st time people are up for voting it's a oc vote that means ocs vote

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Chapter 1.
The game

The game

John:hey Jason hey Jason ×trips and gets up×gets what
John:I have some batteries  
Hydro:so John
John:let's find were the batteries go to
Gold@dragontalesans character:that's electricfining  (sorry if that pun not funny just trying to say with character this time)
Hydro:you suck!
John:×kicks hydro off the cliff×
Hydro:I hate you!!!!
Jason:yeah yeah what ever let's go gold and John
Later at somewhere else
Lucky@lucky_the_whatever_26 character:×eating cake×
Samantha @Samanthathehedgehog character:hi lucky what are you doing
Samantha:okayyyyyyy????×tackles lucky and getting her out of the way or a boulder×
Lucky:my cake
Samantha:what the heck was that
Gold:sorry me John  and Jason were wondering were the batteries are but then a boulder fell down we have to warn the others
Jason:you guys are slow I'm already doing it ×runs to the woods×and I see the boulder
Later neby the woods
Yameilette:oh my god ×see the boulder and puts a different rock in the way the boulder stops and she smiles but the boulder moves around the rock(I don't care about the boulder moving around the rock)
Yameilette:really ×runs×
Later at a motuain
Snowdrop:×sitting down×
Hydro:×kick a soccer ball and it almost hits snowdrops face×goal!!!!!!!!
Snowdrop:×eyes widen×
Fang:×looks annoyed and punches hydro into a tree×
Hydro:×hits a tree and runs×
Fang:you okay
Snowdrop:yeah thanks
Hydro:guys come here everyone has found  something  
Fang:? What is it
Hydro :just come on
×5 mins later×
Snowdrop:ew what is that thing!?
Jason:I don't  know
Hyper:let's unscrew it's back
Silver:seems reasonable  ×unscrews the back of the game boy×
Gold:just the batteries  you found use them
John:×puts the battery in the back of the phone×
Mephone:×gets up×ow my head
Lucky:you talk
Mephone:yeah why
Lucky:I never seen one talk  
Mephone:well I'm traveling game show host looking for people who  want one  million dollars but there's challenges the last person standing wins it okay
Sapphire crystal×punches hydro in the arm×
Mephone:so you guys get in this giant platform  the last 4 will get inummty
Hydro:one of those is me!
John:we'll  see so but that
Gold:that's it×pushes off hydro×
Hydro:ah!!!×falls into the water×what!?
Mephone:hydro you don't get immunity  
John:hey Yameilette!
Yameilette:ah don't push me off
John:no I'm saying we should be allys also with hyper
Yameilette:yeah what a great idea
John:I know right!
Yameilette:but we need a 4th person
Gold:that idea hits out of this park anyone I can join
Hyper:of couse you can
Hyper:jk×kicks gold off×
(People out hydro and gold)
Snowdrop:can I join
John:sure now we're ready
Jason: (thinking to self)this is weird I'm only one who's a object that walks and talks
Lucky:×eating cake×I love cake
Jason:umm okayyyyyyy?
Fang:×kicks Jason off×
Jason:no no I getting no immunity  no!
John:no Jason!
Sparkle:hey Fang and Snowdrop
Sparkle:we need to help each other we can get far like that and have a 4th person
Sparkle:no he's weird he's object
Snowdrop:oh yeah crazy  about  that he's a shield that can walk talk  
Amaze stark:can I join
Fang:yeah sure
Silver:lucky we should be  with each other like everyone else is doing
Lucky:okay! :D
Mephone:that's it×shots dogeball
Fang:×gets hit×ah!!!×falls down into water×
Jason:×in the water and gets hit by a dogeball×ow! What the hell×throws it at Yameilette×sorry Yameilette
Yameilette:×catches it×yay!×about to throw it at snowdrop×
John:dint do that
Yameilette:fine×hits silver and lucky×
Yameilette:sorry×looks worried×
Lucky:seriously  my cake again ×grabs the dogeballs and throws them at everyone everyone but Fang Yameilette  snowdrop and sparkle are the final 4×
Mephone:all of you win immunity
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dis dragon is safe. woot!
Plus you could say this chapter was quite shocking.
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