Anonymitea: Trigger warning, contents unregulated

I am an anonymous confessions journal. Every qfeaster has access to me. These chapters are written pure and raw, and theyre unregulated so heres an upfront, big, bold, content warning. Now to describe this book, it's like a room so full of boiling tea it's a sauna.

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Chapter 1.

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All subject matter is allowed no matter how offensive it may seem.

Do not purposefully start beef with other qfeasters by name dropping. Youre an absolute pussy soy boy cuck if you do that through anonymous alsoidontwannagetbeanedsodontfuckthisupforeveryone.

Dont say your name at the end of each chapter. Whether you end up admitting you wrote it on your own wall a week later isnt for me to judge, but on the chapter please do not aign your name. It takes away the anonymous aesthetic.

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Do not delete other people's chapters.

If you are writing a chapter and notice someone else left an unfinished chapter, you do NOT have the right to check "visible" and post it. Wait because one day whoever was writing it could come back to finish and they will post it themselves.

Do not spam nonsensical chapters.

Try to include the trigger in your chapter's title so no one can say "hey what the freak" and get me mcbeaned.

Dont stalk people who blocked you with this account by the way. Thats not even related to story writing but i gotta let it be known that THAT ISNT ALLOWED.


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To chapter 16, I would just be bold and ask her calmly, "hey, I noticed youve changed a lot since I asked if you liked me xx months ago. I was wondering if you wanted to try dating now or if this is just how a really close friendship should work."

I highly don't recommend not being upfront because anymore miscommunications, and I would feel even worse for you. See More▼

I also think before you ask that, you should show some interest in her for a week or whatever time frame seems reasonable. No rushing, no overwaiting? A week might not seem right to you and if doesn't, don't do that.

Ideas: Candy, I think youre one of the artsy qfeasters tbh? So maybe you could doodle her nicely in a note book and leave it open and tilted See More▼
I actually kinda agree with the chap 14 one
on Wednesday
@ author in chapter 12, i think you're referring to lucid dreaming. there are tips n stuff online how to help you do it. good luck!!
on Sunday