Bleach Seven Minutes In Heaven

Bleach Seven Minutes In Heaven

I made a Black Butler one, why not Bleach? I'll do any character you want! Annd I might make a few chapters myself X3

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Chapter 1.
The party?

The party?

"Welcome!" Orihime shouted as she yanked you inside her apartment. "Why am I here again?" You asked, as you snatched your arm back and rubbed the red marks. She smiled and jumped up and down, her tight shirt didn't make the bouncing any better. She grabbed your arms and spun you around. "We're throwing a partttyyy!" She shouted and stopped spinning you around, throwing you into the wall. "Owch...alright than? Why is no one here?" You asked, she giggled. "It's not here silly, it's at Urahara's Shop!" She said as she helped you up.
"Um, than why did you call me here?" You asked, she laughed...she was too exited. "I need your help cooking! Ichigo said I might need your help with it!." She tapped her bottom lip and made a face. "But my cooking isn't that guess he just want's me to have help!" She said happily. You pressed your lips together and nodded. "Suuure...yeah.." You said, she giggled and threw a plate at you. It had bread covered in red bean paste. "Try it!" She said and gave you that stare, you took a deep breath and let it out..alright. Let's get this over with.
{Four hour timeskip}
"OH MY GOD ORIHIME HEEELLP MEE!" You shouted as you held boxes of food on your head and both of your hands. She was dragging one. "I..I..caaan't!" She shouted, you groaned and took a heavy step forward. "OH MY GOD ICHIGO IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU RANDOMLY POPPED UP AND HELPED US!" You shouted loudly, and felt the box on your head get lifted off. "OH MY GOD FINALLY ICHI-" You started to say, but was hushed. "Tatsuki!" Orihime shouted happily, you looked behind you to see Tatsuki holding the box with one hand.
"Yeah yeah, I heard Y/N shouting and came to help." She said and started walking. "It's pretty late, I guess we took longer than expected." Orihime said softly, you laughed. "No worries, we'll be fashionably late!" You said, she looked up and smiled. "Yeah!"
As you walked up to Urahaha's Shop, you blinked a few times. "A..are those the Espada's?" You asked, Orihime nodded. "Didn't you hear? A peace treaty was signed!" She said as she dragged the box to a white table, everything was outside, from cute little lights wrapped everywhere, to white tables set up, you brought the boxes over to Orihime and carefully set them down. "Y/N ARE THOSE BUNNY SHOES!?" Rukia shouted as she ran up to you, you looked down to your shoes, oops. "Ah, I forgot to change my slippers." You said as you took off the pink bunny slippers and held them up, Rukia's eyes shone with happiness.
"C..can I..wear them?" She asked, you handed them to her. "Knock yourself out." You said, she quickly threw her shoes away and put the slippers on. "OHHH!" She smiled and danced around. You smiled as Ichigo plucked Rukia's shoe off of his head and looked around. "HEY!" He shouted as he threw the shoes in the air, which was quickly shot down with a blue arrow.
You rolled your eyes and started unpacking the boxes and setting up the tables with Orihime. "Thanks for your help!" She said, you smiled as you plucked a cookie off of a black and pink trey, you wanted black, she wanted pink, so you both just put them together. "Not a problem." You giggled.
After a few hours, Orihime, Rangiku, and Yoruichi had a hat and was making everyone put an item in it, even the girls. "OK everyone!" Rangiku slurred, obviously drunk. "Now, we are going to play a game, it's called Seven Minutes In Heaven!" Orihime said happily, Yoruichi smiled and looked around. "That's, you pick an item and get locked in the storage area with they person who is the owner of that it?" She said, as she handed Orihime the hat, she smiled and skipped around. "Y/N!" She shouted, you quickly spat out the icing of the cupcake all over Byakuya. "WHAT!? WHO SAID I WAS EATING ALL THE CUPCAKES?!? I'M NOT! I'M JUST...oh didn't mean...ohh.." You said as you looked at Byakuya, he just looked at the pink stain on his kimono and blinked. "Sorry." You said, Orihime giggled and held the hat out to you. "Pick!" She giggled, you rolled your eyes and smiled. "Alright."
You reached your hand in the hat, dancing your fingers around-
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