Hacked (707 x Clara)

Hacked (707 x Clara)

I'm just gonna write this for practice for my assignment so it's just Clara x 707 anyways enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Childhood life

Clara's p.o.v:
I was in a special hacking school for girls and it felt like a home to me since I had to stay there until I graduate college here. I'm usually trying so hard to learn how to hack, I wanna become one of the best hackers when I grow up!
Although I keep telling myself that I'll never make it that far but part of me just wouldn't give up so I listened to that part and tried so hard. As I learned a lot of things from my hacking classes I got better and better everyday,I was even complimented on my work.
I felt proud but I didn't want so much attention after all I was sort of antisocial, I didn't wanna be around people but when I was complimented I smiled a little and just walked away nervously.
As I got older I finally learned to socialize with other people and I was pretty good at hacking but I wouldn't call myself aj expert just yet since I still have a few years left of learning to do.
Luciel's p.o.v:
I was  working on trying to escape home with my brother because of our parents, they kept abusing us and saeren wanted to stay by my side so I tried as hard as I could so focus on getting both of us away from home.
After a few attempts I managed to escape but my brother didn't and I got worried, and a man with blue hair walked up to me and we talked for a bit. He told me that he would protect my brother and help him the best he could so I trusted him and he told me that his name was v.
I smiled and told him my name which was originally saeyoung but I changed my name to luciel when I was older and I didn't wanna even remember my childhood so I gave myself a little character and became a secret agent and a hacker.
I had a maid named vanderwood and I joined the RFA with v and I had such a great time with everyone in the group even if they didn't understand me I still had so much fun.
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