The Enchanted Forest (Season 1)

The Enchanted Forest (Season 1)

Its about a girl who was camping in the forest and she happens to find a oasis! And there was this waterfall she entered that leaded her into this enchanted forest!

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Episode 1 (Premiere)

Episode 1 (Premiere)

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Ayaka's picture up ahead)

"Ayaka! Wait up!" Scarlet said in a tiring voice

I turned to her

"Jeez Scarlet your such a slow poke" i said in a lazy voice

"Well escuse me i'm trying to take pictures of the lovley woods! This is an oppertunity to get extra credit!" Scarlet said in a "voice"

"Well okay fine i'll let you take your pictures!" I said in a "pleased" voice

After she took her pictures we found this mountain with a little oasis

"Ooh this will be a great edition!" She said while taking some pictures

I looked at the waterfall i felt like there was this magic energy

"Scarlet go ahead and find the others" i said in a headstrong voice

"Jeez why cant you go?" She replied in a lazy voice

"Because i think i found something.." I replied sounding like i was distracted

Me and Scarlet have always been enimes because of her little brother... I had a crush on him, Scarlet is a senior and im a Junior, her brother was my best friend.

As she went away to find the others i swam into the mystical water and looked the waterfall i slid my hand into the waterfall observing what its propitites were


"Jeez i hate Ayaka!" I said

"But... Little bro does like her"

"Yeah but... SHES A BAD INFUENCE!"

I felt like my mind was crazy
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