Dog Teeth ( Oliver X Male! Reader )

You and Oliver are good childhood friends. You both go Fallwoods High. You had always thought you were straight. Then it hit you like a truck. You might just be falling for Oliver. (WARNING: GAY, SELF HARM, ABUSE, COLORFUL LANGUAGE )

published on June 27, 201713 reads 9 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

~ No one's P.O.V~
(Y/N) waited for Oliver. He was late and that wasn't like him. Oliver than came jogging up to you. "You're late." (H/C) haired male said bluntly, now eyeing his bruised body. "What happened? Why are bruised?" he asked, concern dripped from your words. Oliver realized he had forgot to cover the bruised before he left. His body tensed. "It's-It's nothing." he said in his usual soft voice. he male in front of him was not convinced. "Are you being abused? Who's doing it?! I'll kill them?!" the male said. Oliver's body teased at the mention of abuse. Of course he was being abused, but he couldn't tell (Y/N). He didn't want to worry him.

"N-No o-of course I'm-I'm not b-being ab-abused!" Oliver said, but (Y/N) could him like an open book. He sighed. "Oh Oliver...Who's hurting you?" (Y/N) said, placing a hand on his shoulder, his stare softening. Oliver's body began to shake as tears stung his eyes. He put his arm over his eyes, in attempt to hide the tears. He hatted how his best friend could just read him as if he was part of Oliver's mind. Oliver whimpered and his ear flattened against his head. "N-N-N-No one." he said, his voice cracking. "Oliver..." (Y/N) said a little sternly. Oliver couldn't take it. (Y/N) knew he was being abused and wasn't going to stop asking until he knew. He let out a loud sob and collapsed onto his knees. (Y/N) kneeled next to him and placed a hand on his back. "There, There Oliver. It's okay. It's okay" he said rubbing his friends back. Oliver's tail went in between his legs as he wrapped his arms around his friend and continued to sob.

The sobbing slowly subsided and Oliver began to hiccup. "Okay Oliver. Now who is harming you?" (Y/N) asked. Oliver looked down, his ears flattened and his tail between his legs. He was too scared to tell. Too afraid they would find out and hurt him even more. He didn't want to say who was hitting him until he had welts, bruises and cuts all over his body, only because he was scared he would hurt him even more.
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