Spirit Caller

Spirit Caller

Sill fears that she can destroy the world. She fears that she could kill her whole family. She fears that her anger could be the end of Earth. She is a Spirit Caller. The only spirit caller. In Freedom, everyone has a power... Able to light fires hotter than lava. Able to freeze water instantly. But no one's ever heard of a Spirit Caller. In fact, no body could even imagine that there was such thing. But when things take a turn for the worst, Sill, and the world, is in danger. The danger... is Sill herself.

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Secrets Untold

Secrets Untold

Sill rolled out of bed. Beside her, a silver-grey wolf stood, barely transparent.

"Go away," she growled, her voice muffled. She was on the edge of her bed, and she didn't notice that she was about to fall.

"SILL! Time for school!" Sill's mother, Alice called from downstairs. With a loud thump, Sill fell stomach-first onto the floor of her bedroom. It was not pleasant. Silently, she cursed under her breath. The wolf trotted over to her and sniffed her.

"Go away," Sill repeated, and turning onto her back, snapped her fingers. "Out of the way." The wolf tilted its head. Mist slowly swirled around it, and it disappeared into air. Sill sighed; that wolf was always appearing whenever she woke up from sleep.

"SIIILL LINDSA, GET DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE!" Alice was fairly screaming from the bottom of the stairs. And when she stretched out Sill's name, that meant she was technically giving her daughter a warning. Meaning, 'Sill Lindsa, come here right now or you're grounded for a month'.

"Oookay, patience!" Sill got to her feet and blinked. A cat . She sighed; whenever a cat was summoned by her soul, that meant she was annoyed. She patted the cat, who drew away sharply and hissed. Then it lay down, stretched, yawned, and closed its eyes.


"Okay, okay," Sill rolled her eyes then muttered, "jeez."


"So how was your weekend?" Alexandria, known as Alex, caught up will Sill.

"Fine," Sill replied, "yours?"

"Meh, could be better," Alex answered.

"'Meh, could be better'." A snotty voice mocked Alex from behind. It was Summer. She sneered. Then, turning to Sill, held out her phone. "Want to know WHY her weekend was 'meh, could be better'?" A picture of Alex in a life jacket with six other kindergarteners was on the screen. Alex gasped. Sill snorted and rolled her eyes. Summer smirked. "So, I found out that her daddy made her go on a boat tour. There were only kindergarteners-no adults. You see, this was a KIDS' program. And only ALEX was made to wear a life jacket, because her DADDY wouldn't let her go without one."

"H-how did you know!" Alex's face was red. It was not a question. Simply a furious statement. Summer smiled.

"It's easy when I have a friend walking around with my phone, taking pictures of people doing humiliating things," she replied. Alex clenched her fists.

"You wait 'till I tell the principal!"

"What are you, a snitch? Besides, if you do-" Summer showed Sill and Alex her phone. She had set up her phone so that any time she could post the picture to the whole school. "this will be posted, and EVERYONE will find out your DADDY is a total washout, and you're too weak to fight your DADDY!"

"Don't call him my daddy!" Alex took a step forward. Sill gripped her arm. She felt furious. Suddenly, a huge shape out of mist began to slowly appear. Sill gasped-it was a dragon, the spirit animal her soul summoned when she was furious. That dragon could wipe out Freedom in seconds... And what of the whole world? Well, Sill didn't imagine. She immediately took a few calming breaths. The dragon disappeared once more, almost letting out a roar, but fortunately disappearing first. Summer's gaze was not fixed on Alex like it had when Sill had seen her.

"So," Summer whispered, "you have a secret do you? Breathing like that, looking like a startled cow... Well, I'm going to find out what, and then I'll tell the whole city of Freedom!"

"Well, you don't KNOW my 'secret', if I have one," Sill retorted. Summer tilted her head, and Alex stopped staring at her. She blinked as she watched Sill and Summer staring fiercely at each other. She scurried away suddenly.

"I know you do. I've been watching you all throughout the year..."

"Shut up," Sill growled, and turned away.

"'Shut up'? This secret may be untold now, but it won't be forever. You can't hide this from me."


"Sweetie, how was school?" Alice asked her daughter as Sill dumped her backpack on the couch and slumped down.

"Mom, I think we should talk to Father at dinner," was all she said. Alice's smile slowly disappeared. Her eyes were anxious.

"This has to do with your power, doesn't it?" she asked. Sill nodded slowly.

"My secret might be in danger. Summer... I think she's figuring out that something's different about me."

"Her?" Alice looked surprised. "That brainless nitwit? Really?"

"Mom, she's not dumb... Just ignorant. I guess." Sill turned to face her mother. "Mom, I'm scared... When we were arguing this morning when I got to school, my dragon was appearing at first. And she noticed. Mom, Summer NOTICED."

"Dear, we'll discuss this at dinner," Alice told her. "and please, tell us everything."
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Ohhh the anticipation, will there be more?
on September 17, 2016
Excellent, write more! ^_^
A few unnoticeable grammatical mistakes, but otherwise very good
Oops. XD THX!
on April 16, 2016
on April 16, 2016