This is a Pluckin Hot Fanfic

So I'm not gonna finish 57 pills ever and Bostyn still wants me to make a fuccin fanfic so i made one about making fiends.

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Bostyn looked at her phone. "Another Making Fiends gif?" she mumbled to herself. She replied with a simple   "XD" face. Fukase Tay Tay always sent her these. Bostyn was used to it, though she had left the fandom. She put her phone on her bed as she wsnt to go get a snack.
"Oooh! What's out here?" a voice from Bostyn's phone cheerfully said. Blue arms stuck out from under, the mitten-like apperence of the hands clutching onto the bed. The light blue firgue pulled herself from under the electronic device to reveal a little girl.
Her hair was curled up in a spiral on each side with a bow on the top, and every part of her was a blue shade. "Vendetta! Come out here! I found a giant land!" Bostyn's phone fliped over screen-side-up to reveal a green girl pushing herself out.
"Why are you always bringing me around?" Vendetta angerly asked, her voice with a heavy russian accent. "Come back into this weird device Charlotte!" Charlotte turned around to look at the green pigtailed girl. "No,  I wanna have fuuun!" she cheered.
Bostyn heard the familiar voices coming from her room. "Did Fukase Tay Tay send me ANOTHER ONE?" she screamed. "DA FUQ YOU SAY?" her dad said as he walked in the kitchen. He was known to do this everytime she said Fukse Tay Tay.
As she walked in her room, she noticed the tiny characters on her bed. Vendetta was pulling Charlotte by her arm to get back in the phone. Bostyn stared wide eyed as they turned their heads to look at her. "Great job Charlotte, you made us see a viewer!" Vendetta growled.
"Vendetta? Charlotte?" Bostyn questioned why the girls were here. "OOH! A new friend!" Charlotte squealed. "You cannot interact with the viewer!" Vendetta screamed at her. "Actually, I'm not in the Making Fiends fandom," Bostyn told the green girl.
Vendettas eyes grew wide. "Ehh? You're not watching our show?!" she asked. "No, not really." Vendetta looked furious, while Charlotte was walking around Bostyn's bed and climbing on the plushies. "What can we do to get you to watch our show?" Vendetta stepped up to the giant.
"Idk, I'm just not into you guys anymore." she replied. "We'll make out, me and Charlotte," Vendetta offered. "DEAL!" Then, Bostyn called her best friend in the whole world on FaceTime and they laughed as the Making Fiends characters made out.
The End.
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Wow this is actually terrible.
on August 10, 2018