Hybrids are humans with the inborn powerful abilities the monsters from the dark forest. Though they are so rare that people have debated about their existence and later they have just faxed into myth, until now... Fox Alternate a "Hybrid" who keeps his monster half and his past a secret, when he saves a girl in the forest he becomes the new keeper of the town...but What is he willing to sacrifice to keep his new home safe?

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Fox Alternate

I walked for days directionlessly with no food or water, I couldn't remember much...images Flash through my mind of blood spattering on a wooden wall with screaming then there was a large fire. People with swords, Shields, Guns were falling down holding onto their throats as blood oozed out.

"Kill the Rey!" A man shouted
Then suddenly a loud roar snapped me out of my vivid thoughts.

I walk through the forest when I had smelled something familiar... Blood.
I quickly changed into a Rey (A fox Like monster)  and ran following the smell to a campsite being attacked by a couple of troll, a girl was trying to quickly run away but appeared to have been struck by a blow on her side from a trolls mace.
They chased after her but barley at running speed as if toying with her giving he some slim chance of hope but than taking it away.
The girl had fallen but continued to try and get away by crawling but she had lost alotta blood.
I couldn't stand by and let this happen I ran infront of the girl protectively and growled at the trolls as feirce as I possibly could.
The trolls seemed frightened and ran away.
I quickly turned back into a human and turned to the girl who fell unconscious.
"I've gotta get you to safety..." I said as I carried her, there's a town just down the road, hopefully her Providence will hold up until we get there.

(Providence-The special spiritual energy that protects all humans and animals it is also able to heal minor wounds and gives them access to Magical spells and abilities,. Monsters do not carry Providence but do summon their own powers that are unique to them)

We reached the town surrounded by a large wooden wall and almost immediately I was met at the gate by an older man with a worried look.
"This girl had been attacked by Trolls, and needs help"
"Rome! Quickly we need to get her to the doctor!" The man orders
"Of course" I replied as I followed the man.

I sat in the small waiting room for hours waiting for the girl to recover with the worried oldman who sat next to me.
"So what's your name?" The man asked
"Fox, I'm just a traveller who just happened to be in the right place at the right time" I told him
"I'm Miles the mayor of this town, the girl you saved is my granddaughter Rome" he said his hands began to shake. "I've already lost my daughter to those damn monster, I don't know what I'll do if I lost her too"
"Do monsters come often?" I ask
"Well not since my daughter Fade died, she was the keeper in the town..."
"The keeper?" I questioned
"Yeah, I begged her not to keep take the job, but she insisted that this town needed to be protected...she was always thinking of others, then the monster horde came through the town Fade managed to keep everyone safe but on that day Rome and her dad had returned to the town from the city. And both Fade and her husband died keeping their daughter safe, Now Rome wants to be the new keeper to protect the town like her mother did she was out there for training"
"And here we are...that was a foolish thing to do, going out alone without any kind of support" I said
"Yeah it was but she's so stubborn. I told her she couldn't go and she just ran away with a little backpack" the old man agreed

The doctors assistant a young woman with silver hair walked out, "She's awake!" She said happily.
"Do you mind coming in to see her?" He asked
I nodded in agreement and stood up following him to the next room.

The old man immediately hugged her immediately, she gladly hugged back
"Grandpa? who's this?" She asked
"This is Fox, he carried you into town"
"Nice to meet you" I said waving to her
"Thank you..." She replied looking kinda embarrassed about having to be saved
"Honestly Rome, what were you thinking running off like that?" The man scolds.
"I would have been fine if you'd have just 'let' me go" she replied childishly with her arms crossed
"Stubborn as ever, and you haven't been up for 2 minutes" Miles sighs.
"Someone has to protect this town, and I wanna be that one!" She argued
"Rome we went over this and it's too dangerous"
"Stop  treating me like a little girl!"
"Stop acting like a little girl!"
Their argument went on "you wanna wait in the waiting room a couple more hours? This will take a while" the doctor's assistant said.

"Break it up you two, I have over patients you know!" Said a woman about Miles age who I assumed was the doctor.
"We need a keeper the monsters could attack anyday now!" Rome continued
"I'll be the keeper" I volunteered
"No way!" Rome protested
"You did fight off those trolls without so much as a scratch" Miles said considering
"But I want Rome as my partner"
"I can live with that" Rome agreed

"Fine" the old man caved in "But if anything happens to her..."
"I'll pack my stuff!" Rome said excitedly trying to get up but was stopped by the doctor."Not yet, you still need another day to heal"
"I feel fine!" Rome assured her
"Wait what do you mean you'll pack?" I asked
"The keepers live up on the hill where they watch the town, the book inside will tell you more" Miles replied

"Great let's go!" Rome ran out quickly
"That girl's just like her mother when she was young" the doctor sighed
"Good luck with that" The assistant mocked
"Lyn!" The doctor scolds as I follow Miles out...
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It's very good but you need to continues it
That's the plan, and Thank you
on May 22, 2016
on May 22, 2016