Pack of Wolves: Duskstar's Untold story

Pack of Wolves: Duskstar's Untold story

Duskstar has many many secrets, but one is a story on why she became the Alpha of Starpack. She is very wise wolf even when was just a pup, did Cloudpack grant her this power or was she cursed with it?

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Chapter 1

Duskpup stepped outside of the nursery and walked around. All the other pups who were out already gave her cold looks. The apprentice rolled their eyes at her. She used to this. Duskpup an all black she-wolf. Was very smart for her age. She could be alpha if she wasn’t so young. Only her Father, Moonlight, her Mother, Tinycloud, and the alpha, Blackstar, admired her smartness. Yet she was hated by every other wolf. She sighed sat down and started eating a rabbit.
Tomorrow her two brothers and she earn their apprentice names, but she wasn’t excited. She watches her brothers play battle. She shook her head.
“Hugepup strike with the left paw not right and Largepup defended with your tail.” Duskpup voice always sounded harsh and cold. She couldn’t contain her anger every time someone messed up on a battle move.
“No one asked you to judge us Duskpup” Hugepup snarled at his older sister by two minutes.
Duskpup used to this also. She just got up, flicked her tail, and marched away with her head up high. Oh, Cloudpack. Why does every wolf hate me? She never got a reply, but she wished she did. She walked to the medicine wolf den. Where Smallbird was. She walked in smelling the herbs.
“Hello, Duskpup. What's the problem now?” Smallbird was at least gentle with her.
“My brothers!” Duskpup snarled. “Their mouse-brained fools!”
“Now now. There no reason to get huffy. Smart she-wolves don’t throw fits.” Smallbird spoke kindly trying to calm the fire in Duskpup.
“This one does!” Duskpup braked and stormed off and back to the nursery and laid next to her mother.
Her mother licked her fur in a gentle, calming way. As Duskpup breathing went to a normal rate and a bit slower.
“Ignore your brothers. They're just jealous you're smarter than them.” Tinycloud spoke soothingly.
Calming Duskpup down more. She soon drifted off to sleep.

The next days she woke up and walked to the fresh kill pile and grabbed a white-furred rabbit and ate. Her brothers came and took some of her rabbit, before getting snarled at. Duskpup finished her food and watched her brothers finish and that’s when Blackstar howled out.
“ All wolves old to climb down moon mountain come to high ledge!”
The warriors with their buffed and scarred bodies came and sat on the smooth stones. Then the queens. Then the slow-moving elders came and sat as well.
“Today we have three new apprentices.” Blackstar looked over his pack. “ Hugepup come forward!” Blackstar order and Hugepaw marched right up.
“Hugepup do you promise to train will all your might and become a strong warrior?” Blackstar questioned the pup.
“Yes,” Hugepup replied
“Then by the power of Cloudpack, your new name is Tallpaw with your mentor being Yellowclaw. Let him teach his strength and power to you.” Blackstar watched Yellowclaw take Tallpaw into the warrior area and sit.
“ Largepup come forward.” Blackstar watched the pup and gently smiled.
“ Is becoming Smallbird apprentice what you want Largepup?” Blackstar looked at Duskpup’s brother as she thought. He wants to be medicine wolf!
“Yes.” Largepup approved.
“ Smallbird.” Blackstar nodded towards her.
She cleared her throat. Then spoke.
“By the power of Cloudpack, you shall be named Finchpaw and let Cloudpack wisdom flow thru you!” Smallbird smiles as Finchpaw walked over to her.
“Now Duskpup come forward.” Blackstar watched her as she slowly and scaredly walked forward.
“Duskpup do you promise to train with all your might and wisdom. To become a clever warrior?” Blackstar smiled a bit as she replied.
“Then by the power of Cloudpack I name you Duskpaw with your mentor being me. I will teach you how to Battle and control the knowledge you weld.” Blackstar Howled.
All the warrior, apprentices, queens, and elders, looked shocked. Even Smallbird and Featherwing looked shocked.
Duskpaw was shocked to hear that. Her mentor was Blackstar the alpha of this pack.
“Clear high rock!” Blackstar order and hopped down to Duskpaw side. “ Ready to explore outside the cave?” Blackstar smiled down at his apprentice.
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