Demons (1)

A Halfblood Demon named Cyruss and an angel named Rose are on a Mission to Raise the Gates of Hell onto Earth...But when circumstances change, can they really control their own destiny or are they doomed to die trying.

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Chapter 1.


(Cyruss POV)

We've walked among the Humans for the Past three months we have located 3 of the 4 gates, we did have some trouble dealing with Angels but Rose's abilities have been useful in keeping me getting killed or becoming captive.

One thing I never understood about this entire situation was why us or more specifically me, why did he assign me to a job this important? I'm just a kid who just got out of his training and on top of that I'm not even a Devil just a half-blooded demon so why trust me with raising the gates of hell?
I guess I'll find out soon once this is all over.

Rose hasn't been the same since we spoke to that Guardian Angel,
'Fallen angel' Being called that has really gotten to her.
I hope she'll be okay.
we are nearing the last HellGate site.


They Called me "Evil","Cold","Heartless" am I really those things?
I'm a Fallen angel, an Angel sent to the underworld for committing crimes against the overworld.
I don't remember anything of my life before the moment he found me.
"Maybe, Maybe I am evil" I thought out loud

"No" Cyruss said
I turn to him not knowing what to say.
"I have met alotta bad people Human, Demons, Literally Devils, even Angels but one thing is certain, you aren't one of them" He said calmly like he was stating a fact and not just giving moral support.
"You are Kinder than each person not because you're an Angel it's because you are you strong,Kind, and Noble"

"Thank you" I said as a tear ran down my face

(Cyruss POV)

An Angel raised by A Demon family in secret and still remained pure in heart shows you just how strong she is.
But enough about the mushy stuff it's time to raise the Gates.

we arrived in the Middle of the Capital City of the world where we were told to raise the gate.
The 7 Great Guardian Angels stood in front of the ancient gate with a crowd of humans, revealing themselves to the world shows you how desperate they were.
with the Guardian Angels were a group of soldiers human soldiers.

"The Demon is here!" The Oldest Guardian who seemed to be the leader said looking at me and Rose.
one of the other guardians looked at Rose with a cold glare.
I stepped in front of her protectively

"Cyruss, Champion of the Underworld and The Next Head of House Blaze It is an honor to finally meet you" the leader said
"Hmm It's quite unusual for an Angel to address a demon like that" I said
"Yes you are a demon, but you're rank and skill deserve at least some respect, which is why I'm giving you a Chance to leave and head back home to your masters" he said

"No way" I replied
"I see, I'll respect your decision and your bravery" he said kindly before looking to Rose "How about you?"
"Me?" she questioned sheepishly
"Leave her out of this" I said
"she is in this as deep as you are Cyruss, Rose is what you are called now?" He said "I offer you a second chance all you have to do is raise your hand and kill Cyruss"

"Rose?" I looked at her
"No...I won't do it" She said confidently

"I see, Kill them both" he commanded

But before they could do anything, Demonic creatures risen from the ground along with a Devil Overlord known as Lucifer.

"Lucifer..." I said almost frozen with fear
"Rise, we have little power here until you open the gate you know what you have to do"
I nodded and said "Let's go Rose"

We ran thru the chaos, the Guardians and Humans Clashed with the Demons.
Me and Rose were in the middle of it.

we eventually made it to the Gate, Me and Rose both put out magic into the lock shattering it.

The Guardians looked at the Gate with fear in their eyes,
"we Lost earth" was the Last words the Old man said before he and the other guardians disappeared Leaving the Human soldiers to fend for themselves.

More Demons Came running thru the Gate and the Demons that were already here got full strength it was a bloodbath.

Rose watched it all with terror in her eyes
"Rose Don't look!" I shouted
But it was useless it was like she couldn't hear me
she just watched innocent people die
"what have I done?" she whimpered.

I have told her that Demons wanted to be treated fairly to the Overworld and the Earth realm,
she would never imagine that the Demons would march thru the world killing billions.
She looked at me with terror in her eyes.
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