FnaF 1 guide

FnaF 1 guide

For now actually FnaF 1. Is not a story xD But i pick the story. Dont cringe it and love!

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Chapter 1.
Freddy Fazbear Pizza

Freddy Fazbear Pizza

In the pizzeria.
Have only 5 animatronics.
Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy.
Freddy, Bonnie and Chica have a stage.
Foxy a pirate cove.
Golden Freddy live in the kitchen of Chica.
When your at the office.
You hve 2 doors.
The left door can Have : Freddy (When you have 0%) But in real is Bonnie and Foxy
The right door can Have : Freddy and Chica.
And Golden Freddy have no doors.
Hes teleport at the office.
You have cameras.
Cameras is for see where are the animatronic.
But why did have no audio in the Kitchen?
Cuz at the kitchen have Golden Freddy!
But Golden Freddy is rare.
But when you licten ventilation sound.
Is Chica enter at the kitchen.
When she is at the kitchen.
She can go at the wall right.
And the Dinning Area.
And inside the animatronics have a endoskeletone.
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