*I know this is super girly, sorry. I felt like making a girly story* My name is Kelsey, and I'm 18. For some reason, my life has always been perfect. Perfect friends, perfect family. We've always had money, which my parents spent on extravagant vacations and awesome clothes, furniture, cars, etc. I'm now about to graduate high school, and go to college. And I'm scared. But maybe it'll be perfect too.

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Chapter 1.


Lexi curls her hair, while I sit on the counter beside her. She's getting ready for her date with her boyfriend of two years, Luke. They are adorable, and are basically #RelationshipGoals.
I smile as she looks at me and makes a face. She lets one piece of the curling wand and it is a perfect loose curl. Lexi is absolutely gorgeous. She has brown hair, big brown eyes, and beautiful tan skin. She's also my best friend since we were 13 and I met her when she moved here.
The granite counter is cool against my hands, and I tap my pink nails on the surface.
"Are you excited?" I ask, as I check my Instagram. 40 new likes on mine and Lexi's picture we took together.
"Yes, I can't wait to see him!" She smiles as she curls the last piece of hair.
Lexi is wearing a pretty white lace dress that makes her skin look even tanner. Her eye shadow is soft, subtle, and pink. Her lips are perfectly glossed and her nails are perfect french manicures. Lexi is basically perfect.
While she is all dolled up, I'm dolled down. Pink leggings, a white baggy sweater, and my pink fuzzy socks, I'm completely ready for a night in. My blonde hair is up in a messy bun and my makeup is my usual pink eye shadow and glossy lip look.
"Is Christian coming over?" Lexi asks.
"Yeah, we're going to watch a movie," I say. Lexi is over at my house because she spent the night, and Luke is going to pick her up here.
"Aww, that'll be fun." She pauses as her phone chirps. "Ooh, Luke is here. Thanks for letting me borrow your dress!"
She slips on her heels and grabs her purse.
"Have fun, love you!" I hug her and inhale her PINK perfume.
"Love you too! Have fun with Christian." She walks downstairs and out the front door.
I text Christian.
Me: Hey babe, what time are you coming over?
Christian: I'm leaving in about 10 minutes.
Me: OK, see you then. Love you.
Christian: Love you too!
I walk to the kitchen, where my mom is cleaning up.
My mom looks like me. She has blonde hair, except it's cut to her shoulders whereas mine goes to the middle of my back. She has the same blue eyes and tan skin.
"Hey, Mom," I say as I grab a glass of water.
"Hey, honey," she says. "What time is Christian coming over?"
"In about ten minutes," I say, examining our beautiful kitchen. The counter tops are granite, like the bathrooms. All of the appliances are stainless steel and shiny. The large coffee maker by the pantry is my favorite thing in here.
I sip on my water as I go on my phone and scroll through Instagram. Ten minutes later, I hear a knock on the door.
I hop up and fly into the foyer, and open the door. Christian looks like an absolute angel, the way the sun is just behind him and it makes his features look soft and gorgeous. His brown hair is messily spiked and his cobalt blue eyes shine.
"Hi," I say breathlessly.
"Hey, Kels," he says, smiling. He pulls me in for a hug, and his cologne smells nice.
My mom makes us popcorn and me and Christian sit down for a movie. I lay my head on his shoulder.
Eventually, the movie is over and the clock says that it's 10:34.
"I guess I better get home," he says. He looks me in the eyes and kisses me softly.
When he pulls away, I sigh. "Okay."
I walk him to the door, and he says, "See you tomorrow, Kels. Love you."
"Love you too." And then he walks to his car, and I close the door.
Since I'm a little weird, I jump a little and let out a squeak. After I've composed myself, I go to say goodnight to my parents. I walk down the long hallway to their room, and I knock softly.
"Come in," my dad says.
I peek my head in. "Hey, I just wanted to say goodnight."
Dad motions for me to come in, and I sit on the bed near his feet.
"Did you have fun with Christian?" he asks. My dad loves Christian.
"Yes," I say, and smile at him. I give him a hug, and give Mom a hug. "Goodnight, love you guys."
They both say goodnight, and I go upstairs and start getting ready for bed. I take a shower, blow dry my long hair, and slip into a Chanel shirt and pink pajama shorts.
I go into my room, and crawl into bed.
I smile to myself, and can't wait for tomorrow.
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Not a huge fan of the storyline, but it's a really well written story. Good job, Snow!
Thank you. I kinda just felt in the mood for a really girly story, don't know why.
on January 31, 2016
on January 31, 2016