Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth

It's about an angel and demon war. The main characters are Samantha (Sam), Jace, Sarah, Brianna, and Toby. Jace has a brother that is a demon named Drake.

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Chapter one

        I was sitting in my seat, slightly shivering, since it's always cold in here at school. I was in my last hour class, world history. The teacher, Mrs. Wilson, just droned on dully about whatever it was she was trying to teach us. Her gray-blond hair was up in a neat bun, her pale blue eyes looked bored, and her clothes looked a little too formal for teaching. She had a pink top on and a pink skirt. If anything, she looked like she was going to a funeral more than teaching, and she's wearing pink. Such an ugly color, in my opinion, but everyone likes what they like.
        The girl  next to me, Alyssa, tossed a note on my desk. I glanced at her. she had dyed blue hair and her eyes were brown. She had a nose ring, several ear piercings, and two or three black chokers on. I always rolled my eyes at that. She thinks that she has to be all showy in order to be emo, but that isn't true. I'm emo, and I don't have any piercings or dyed hair. My hair is light brown, my eyes chocolaty in color, my skin a little  tan and translucent. I'm not tall, five foot exact.I'm the person that's usually in band tees and jeans or something black, always trying to keep to myself.
        I opened the note as quietly as possible and started reading.
                "Will you go out with me," It said," from Kevin."
        I pursed my lips, completely annoyed. Gross.
        This had to be the fifth or sixth "will you be mine" note I've gotten since yesterday from guys in general, and to be honest, it's starting to piss me off very much. I wish they wold leave me alone about it.
        The note disappeared from my hand at once. I gasped quietly, then glanced up at Mrs. Wilson. She had a small frown as she held the note up in front of her.
        "Pay attention, Ms. Brown and Mr. Jones, and stop passing notes in my class."
        My face heated up and I buried my face in the hood of my jacket after she dropped the note on my desk and turned to the whiteboard again, continuing with her lecture. I sighed and pulled my face out to look at my phone for the time. I put my phone back  in my pocket, satisfied that we only had two minutes left before the bell rang. I started putting my things  my things in my backpack, then the bell rang. I got up and walked out of the classroom as fast as I could. I needed to avoid Kevin. He was going to try to corner me at my best friend's car and that would piss her, Sarah, off. She really hates Kevin, I don't blame her. He's rude to her all the time, calling her ugly and such, saying how she cheated on him when they never even dated. He's shoved her  to the ground before for no reason. He's worse with me sometimes. He punched me out of nowhere one time and he insults me a lot. He does more than that, but, I'd rather not speak of it. I'm just glad that I'm good at avoiding him.
        I had made it to my locker with out any trouble.I shoved my textbooks into the locker as fast as possible, then I closed the locker door and locked it once more.  I sighed in relief and turned to exit the school, but Kevin was standing there in my way. I looked up into his dark gray eyes. His hair is dirty blond.
        "Get out of my way," I demanded.
        "Well? What's the answer?"
        I huffed and rolled my eyes. Now, please, let him leave me alone, I prayed.
        "Oh, don't be like that," he said in a soft tone.
        He pushed me up against my locker and started kissing me. I shoved him off angrily and stormed off toward Sarah, who was waiting for me by the doors. I spotted her smooth, red hair immediately. I rushed over to her as fast as I could. Her dark brown eyes caught mine and she waved at me. I clenched my hands into fists and forced Kevin from my mind so that she wouldn't be able to tell if something was wrong. Right before I reached her, I smoothed my expression out and loosened my hands.
        "Hey," she said
        "Ready to go now?"
        "To go home? Hell, yeah!"
        She laughed before I did. She and I walked out of the school together, talking about whatever as she and I went.
        The blinding light of the sun hit my eyes. The sky was clear, not a single cloud to be seen. The light of the sun seemed to make the leaves on the trees glow a brighter shade of green, a light jade green color. The cars in the lot shined from the light to the point that I had to look down at the concrete, but even that didn't help me. The concrete was almost as bright as the sun, or that's how it felt.
        I was thankful when I got into Sarah's white Mercedes and shut the doors. She had turned on the air conditioner, then pulled out of her parking spot and started driving. I plugged in my phone to her car with a USB port and started blasting Cradle to the Grave by Five Finger Death Punch. I glanced at her, knowing that she didn't really like scream and metal music like I do. It came as no surprise when I saw her frowning when the music started playing. She's more into rap and alternative rock.
        "Do you really like this stuff," she asked skeptically
        "Do you like Twenty-One Pilots?"
        "Well, there's your answer, then." I said with a smile.
        She said something, but it was too quiet for me to hear. The blaring music made it impossible to hear.
        "Anyway, was that another note from Kevin?"
        "Yeah. Why?"
        "I don't know. Just, as long as if you don't get with him, I'm fine. He's a freaking jerk."
        I rolled my eyes. She always worries about who I will or won't get with. This is the only time she acts like an over-protective mother: when it comes to me dating guys. It drives me insane.
        "You don't have to tell me twice." I muttered.
        "To be honest, I always thought that you would get a boyfriend before I would."
        I sighed. What is it with her about boys? She's so boy obsessed! The only thing people around me talk about boys or boyfriends anymore. It's stupid. There's more to life than boys.
        "Can we not talk about this right now?"
        She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, then back at the road.
        "Okay, then," she said slowly.
        She and I went silent for a bit. I mouthed the words to the songs that played from my phone through her car. As long as if we don't get on the subject of me getting a boyfriend or whatever, I'm happy.
        "We're going to go shopping." Sarah announced.
        "Ew. Shopping. You have got to be kidding me!"
        She huffed, but kept her eyes on the road, so now she couldn't give me the death stare.
        "What do you need that's so important to bring me with, since it deals with shopping?"
        That seemed to make her happier. "Well, prom is in a few months and we do need dresses for it. We'll go to Wal-Mart first, then the mall, and if we still don't find anything, then we'll go to Good Will or whatever."
        "First you know I don't like dancing. Second, you know I don't like dresses. Third, you know I'm just going to be looking for books and music and such. Sorry if I seem kind of rude...."
        "It's fine."
        She pulled into the parking lot of Wal-Mart. We were close to the front, thankfully, so we didn't have to walk that far.
        Sarah and I got out of her car and walked into the store with our heads down, avoiding other people's gazes. As I told Sarah, I would be looking at music and books, so I went to the place closest to us, which happened to be the books. The books section wasn't that big; it barely had two rows of books. I sighed and went to search for a book or two. The prices on books is so stupid, though. You have to pay almost thirty dollars just to get a book with less than five hundred or six hundred pages. You can go to Amazon and buy the same book that's also brand new for about ten or twenty dollars.
        I picked up the entire Mortal Instruments series and smiled. I hope that the books are exactly like the show. The Vampire Diaries changed everything from the book in the shows. it's dumb. In the book, Elena was supposed to have blond hair and blue eyes, but in the show she has brown hair and brown eyes. The deleted the character Meredith. They changed everyone's appearance and attitudes in the show. Like Bonnie, everything about her has changed. She used to be shy but now she's bold and outgoing.
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