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Two vampires' hellish punishment has finally ended. Alyssa is ready to explore. Her brother, Xander, is haunted by a familiar spirit. What will happen when a prince accidentally falls head-over-heels for the criminal?

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Chapter 1.


"Xander and Alyssa of The Crypt, I hereby banish you to The Void." The man slammed his golden scepter onto the ground, the floor splitting open underneath the two vampires' feet.
"Balthazar, you can't do this!" The girl, Alyssa, screamed, grabbing at the ground at a pathetic attempt to pull herself out.
"200,000 years, monsters." Balthazar shrugged. "As High King, I do what I want."
"We'll be back." Xander warned, barely hanging on.
Balthazar stomped and the two lost their grip, falling deep into The Void. "Oh, I know."
The floor sealed back up to perfection, not a crack in sight.

Alyssa and Xander fell together into Hell, hands locked together. "What are you here for, sis?" Xander asked. He figured he should try to make conversation. They could be there for a while.
"I set fire to a village. They were not happy." Alyssa snorted. "You?"
"Balthazar's men walked in on me and Sven while we were making out. On his bed. It was bad..." He sighed.
"And you got 200,000? Just because you have a boyfriend that you love?" Alyssa snapped. "That's bullshit." She'd always felt protective of her brother. He was the sweetest person in the world, he couldn't hurt a fly, but he could sometimes be oh-so clumsy and unobservant.
"No, I got 200,000 because Sven's shirt was unbuttoned and they thought I was gonna bite him or something. I dunno." He shrugged. "I never had time to explain. At least we have each other, though, right?"
Alyssa nodded, faking a smile. She didn't have the heart to tell him that, by the time they were out, Sven would be long-gone.

The two vampires landed on soft, hardened lava. Before they could actually stand up, a gust of wind shot them up into the air. They were now floating in front of a man with no face. Literally. Where his face should've been, there was a gaping hole. His dark hair was swept to the side, and his black tuxedo perfectly accentuated his dark red skin. Next to him was an equally-intimidating girl with long, stick-straight, pale blonde hair and black, bat-like wings. Her skin was a lighter shade of red and she had four golden eyes. At the top of her head were two dark, golden horns. "Welcome to The Void." She smiled. "I'm Impura and this is my father, Satan. How long will you be staying?"
Both vampires were quiet.
"200,000." Xander finally spoke.
"Wonderful! Please, follow me."
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