The death penalty

The death penalty

ADULT CONTANT This a story about a young girl on a murder spree with her boyfriend. There is eddsworld in this so yeah.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“IM OUT” I screamed. I mean I’m 21 i need to get out more. Oh yeah, I’m Ava Smith. I USE TO live with my parents. ‘Where will i go?’ I thought to my self with a bag of clothes and shit from my parents. I passed by my friend macy’s House. I knocked on the door. A man answered. Golden eyes, plump chapped lips, untamed light brown hair, god he was beautiful “hello?” He said looking like he had never seen a woman with glasses before. “Is um.. Macy here?” I could not look at him! He was that hot! He opened the door for me and smiled “come in ill get her!” He screamed for her and down she came. “Yea bro?” He pointed to me and put his hands in his back pocket pulling out a flask.
“I see you met my brother” i nodded and looked in his direction his eyes met mine and i turned a light shade of pink. He just smiled. I know this is a dumb realization but his eyes were always half closed. I dont know why they just were i didnt know why. I loved it. He came over. “My names Max” he said kissing my hand. My face was red. Full red. Macy noticed the bag and pulled me to the side “you finally move out?” I nodded again starring at her brother.
‘You like my brother?” She said looking at me “well, stay as long as you want” i said sure and walked to the guest room. Her brother followed me in and closed the door “you like me i can see it in your eye.” Thats all he said i blushed and shook my head “fine. Do you wanna go to the bar with me?” I said yes and we were off this sure was an adventure. I told myself i mean who would ask me out? ME?! I had no time to think he was pulling me in.
We walked in and there was a fight that had broke out between my ex and my best friends boyfriend. “TOM STOP!!!!” I screamed. They didn’t stop. “TOM I WILL TELL YOU GIRLFRIEND!!!” I was tied of them not listening to me and walked to the circle i pushed my way through the crowd. I reached the middle and i tried to stop them that was the biggest regret i have ever made i got hit, and knocked out i don’t remember what happened but i remember that.
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