Alone in the Shadows

This is just to get my sadness out of my system, but please do read this anyway. Whether you could possibly relate to it or not, who knows. The meaning behind this story is up to you as well, so I encourage you to type your opinions on what it's meaning may be. Enjoy..

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Alone in Shadows...

An empty swing by a long meadow of flowers waiting to be spread into bloom sits silently, without a sound. The sun shown brightly down on the metallic chains of the swing, showing a grace a child would gladly enjoy though end up getting their hands singed slightly by the hot metals, as though sticking a hand into an ember of a rising flame by mistake. Even a teenager would enjoy it, reminiscing on their own childhoods like an elderly person would their entire life.
Then, a girl comes up and sits down, the swing making a creaking sound as she does, an eery, screech like noise. She looks to the ground, lost in her thoughts and not looking up, as though caught in a lost trance.
The meadow ahead of her whisked within the breeze, as if it could possibly be torn apart by a single long gust of wind. The girl didn't look toward that field though, but instead looked to the long distinct shadows of the forest.
The forest looked as though it showed no end, stuck in a labyrinth of sorts in which one possibly can't escape, or be lost never to be found again like the lost treasures of memories to possibly never be rediscovered. She pondered on what could be in that forest, though never exactly knew what could possibly happen. Would she get lost in a maze? Would she be completely forgotten? Ah, but that's how the girl already felt.
She had been abandoned by those she believed to be companions, whom she thought cared as though they were family. She was wrong though, as she was just being used to fill the void for a different person to come into their family, and her to be ditched. She had always been used like that, a toy after being broken and thrown away, or a lost doll to be found only to be put in storage never to be seen again.
The girl finally stood up as though awoken by an unknown source, facing the forest and walking towards it. The grass whisped on her feet and the breeze whispered in her ears. She finally stopped among the entrance to the labyrinth, looking through it curiously as though lost in a thought. It was then that she entered the maze, not glancing back, and was enveloped by the shadows of the wonders of the woods.
The forest was utterly silent, as though it had never been disturbed for centuries. The tree roots tangled over and sometimes wrapped around each other, embracing another tree's roots closely as though it were the last or only friend it had. The girl was mesmerized by the grace of the woods, astounded by its sights and colors and yet, when she looked back, the entrance was gone, as though it never existed to begin with. She continued on her search, though this time trying to find a way out.
It was pointless, there were no ways out and she kept coming to the same shadow covered grove she had stopped to look for the entrance in. She had given up hope, and for days she stayed that way amongst the labyrinth like wood.
It was on a cool refreshing night that something caught her attention. A light among the trees, though it felt like something was watching her. She got up worried, wondering what this thing or creature was. Her body trembled as though I've had been shoved down the back of her shirt, her knees buckling and quaking as if threatening to force her to collapse.
The light only came closer. Was this it? Was this the end? Far from it. The light revealed the highlights of a light dragon in all its mystical glory. She looked at the woodland guardian in awe before it pointed and started walking, looking to her as it paused. It had signaled her to follow, and she had done so. This, both disappeared into the darkness, though the girl stayed with the light dragon, her savior from the shadows that caused her to be isolated..
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Love this story!!!
Glad you do!
on August 25, 2016
on August 25, 2016