Flower Skies...

Flower Skies...

The oh so wonderful place of Flower Skies. You somehow get into this place. Nobody knows how and this isn't your universe. How did you get here? Will you ever go back? What's to come? Watch as the story unfolds...

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Chapter 1.

The place to be!

You can't see anything, everything is black. There air is cold and tense. You can't move and all you feel is pain. There's a ringing noise in your ears. All you can hear is panicked voices and feel the cold air...

You don't know how long it had been when you could finally move. You only moved your legs slightly, though it caused so much pain. You couldn't tell if you were crying or not...you could only feel the stinging in your eyes. You were still in pain, maybe more then before. But how would you know? You had  fainted from the pain before.

Now, you still couldn't see. You know your laying on a bed like thing, though. You can feel a blanket draped over you, a pillow beneath your head and feet. You still can't open your eyes. Your arm hurts the most. It feels like it has been torn off but you know it's there...

"Is i-it awake?" A female voice stammers, confusing you even more. Your head is spinning. "I believe so," a male voice replies, "must be in a lot of pain." You don't know these voices, you don't know where you are, you don't know why you are in pain. It hurts to breathe and your breath is ragged. Your body jerks, causing you to let out a scream of pain as another wave of pain consumes you.

"C-Calm down! Dot, g-get some pain killers!" The female instructs, quickly putting her cold hands on your chest. You hear footsteps going away. "Shhhh...calm down....calm down...we're here. we're going to take care of you, okay?" The female says, her voice seeming to be dripping of honey. It's soothing and calming.

"Swallow," the male instructs you, "it'll ease the pain." You do as you are told, wanting to get rid of the pain so badly. "Good. It should kick in soon. Doll, keep this kid company. I...I need to find Crimson. He's been missing for a day or two and I'm getting worried. I won't take long, just visiting his house!" The male said, then he seemed to run away. You blink, confused. People allowed to go out while working? When they're not even on lunch break...?

"I-I'm Doll." The female stammers as you hear a chair move. You open your eyes, looking at her. She has bright yellow hair with pink tips. She's wearing a white shirt and orange shorts. You open to see your name, but only a whimper escapes you. Her eyes are clouded in worry and anxiety. "Do you know what happened?" She asks softly, tilting her head. You shake your head.

"Okay..." She breathes, rubbing her eyes. "We don't know what happened either. You dislocated your leg and both of your arms...but we moved them back, we promise! Everything should be fine! You just need to rest and stuff! Soon it'll seem like it'd never happen!" She says, a slight smile finding it's way to her face. You relax slightly, feeling strangely at ease with her.

A male slides in. His hair is mainly white with black dots over it, his eyes are chocolate brown. He's wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. "Hello," He says as he walks over to you, "I'm Dots. I'm sure you know Doll already. We have another...employee but...he is in...bad shape as of now. I just got him into his bed. You'll get to see hi soon, though. His wounds...weren't as...life threatening as yours, so he'll heal quicker."

You blink, confused. "Crimson still has that..." Doll sighs, shaking her head. "I get more worried every day. I feel bad for him." She says and Dots nods. "What's your name, though?" Dots asks, tilting his head to the side.

"(Y/N)..." You choke out, your breathing hard. It took a bit to piece the sounds for yourself to you could say you name. They nod. "Well, (Y/N), you'll get better soon, I promise. Just sleep for a bit. We'll wake you in the morning. You should be better. Or at least, a bit better."

You nod, closing your eyes once again. You feel at ease with them, like you know they won't do any harm and they only mean the best for you. You drift to sleep slowly....

"Goodnight, (Y/N). I hope we have the chance to meet."
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The story seems to be quite interesting...but does need slight amounts of grammer checking...but it is interesting thus far.
on September 17