Heat haze (Eddsworld Tomtord)

Heat haze (Eddsworld Tomtord)

Warning, contains gore and slight TomTord. P.S. The end is different than the actual song of Kagerou daze

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Heat haze

It was August 15th, I looked at the time to see it was 12:30 at noon. Me and Jehovah's Witness were at the park, just enjoying the summer day. We had stopped fighting for at least 4 weeks I think? But sometimes I feel like Edd's telling him to do this. Anyway, we both weren't saying anything, so maybe I should break the ice. "It's a nice day huh, Tom?" "Actually, yeah. The weather's been nice lately." "Yeah. Luckily this month is only half-over. We won't be worrying about the heat for too long." The sun kept getting in my face so I tried blocking it with my hand. "I don't really like summer, i'm more of a spring person where the temperature is never too cold or too hot. It's just... Perfect."

'Meow' A cat was sitting right beside Tom, and it was obviously wanting attention. The cat was all black. People say that black cats are bad luck, but I don't believe how one small creature can cause physical harm. "Aww, hi there." The cat jumped on Tom and laid down on his lap. I heard Tom say something as he started petting the cat, but I couldn't really figure out what he said exactly. Something didn't feel right, I don't know what, but it doesn't feel good in my gut. Like something is going to happen. I snapped out of my thoughts when the cat jumped out of Tom's arms. Tom actually started following it is what caught me by surprise. The feeling that something bad was going to happen got stronger. I was still watching Tom chasing the cat, then I realized he walked in front of a traffic light, and a truck was coming right for him. "TOM!" Tom had turned around when I called his name, and when he realized the truck was approaching, it was too late. He got run over, his blood went EVERYWHERE.

I was paralyzed, and caught the scent of pineapples, one of the things that I liked best about Tom was that sweet fruity scent he had. I just couldn't stand seeing him dead in the road. "No. NO, NO, NO! THIS CAN'T BE REAL!" I heard a chuckle that sounded all too familiar, it sounded like my laugh. When I looked to see who had laughed, I started shaking a little. He looked like ME. But a few years older. He had an eye patch, scars on the right side of his face, he had a red hoodie underneath a blue thin coat, and he had what looked like an arm. But it was robotic. He had a red aura surrounding him like he was a ghost. Many thoughts were going through my head. "What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!" That was all he said before I heard crickets and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up with a gasp. And still laid down in my bed. "Faen, it was just a dream." I said with relief as I sat up and looked at the time. "8:45, August 15th. That's weird. I had a dream about today's events. Good thing that wasn't real." Tord got out of bed and got ready for his day. Got his red hoodie, his hair is fixed up, and he had just went downstairs to get breakfast. Edd was always happy and gave a greeting every morning. "Good morning Tord!" "Morning Edd." "Slept well?" "Yeah, but it turned into a nightmare at the end of it." "Oh. What was it about?" "I... Don't really want to talk about it." Tom yawned walking into the kitchen. "Morning, guys." "Morning, Tom." Tord couldn't help but think about his dream when he looks at Tom, he walks out of the kitchen to try and get that "Nightmare" out of his head. "What's up with Tord?" "He had a bad dream." "Really? I wouldn't really expect Tord to have those." "I know right!?"

4 hours later

We were in the same park from my dream, but I still feel wrong being here right now. "Hey, Tom." "Yeah?" "Um, have you ever had a dream about something that you thought was not only real, but had the same events on the day you had woken up?" "I had some dreams that I thought were real, but I never had one with one day's events."

"Really?" "Yeah.... Y'know we're lucky that the month is only half-over right now. We won't be worrying about the heat for too long." That was... Weird, Tom said what I did when I had my dream. Tom started speking again. "I don't really like summer-" "You're more of a Spring person...?" "Um, yeah... How did you know?" "...Lucky guess...?" "Okay." 'Meow' The same cat from before was staring at Tom again. "Aww, hi there." The cat jumped onto his lap again. He started speaking again, but I still couldn't catch what he said. I kept my eyes on the cat until it decided to run off again. When Tom got up to chase after the cat, I remembered what had happened. I got off the bench and grabbed Tom's arm. He looked back at me with a confused look. "T-tom, I think the two of us should leave." I can tell Tom was trying to figure out the situation. But he couldn't figure it out, so he gave in. "Okay."

I felt relief wash over me as we were on the sidewalk. "Hey Tord, want to get some more bacon?" "Sure!" We were walking on the city sidewalk, Tom was walking in front of me. And I felt peaceful until I heard people screaming about something going to fall. When I looked up, I saw metal beams falling from a building still being built. I realized the beams were aiming in our direction. And Tom had a dark look on his face and walked forward at a faster pace, the beams directly hitting him. People were screaming, the cat from the park was on another sidewalk. The sweet pineapple smell hit me for the second time. I tried running up to Tom, but that strange look alike was behind me and pulled me back. "Bet you wish you were asleep. But it's not a dream!" I fell over to the ground, and fell into the deep sleep again.

I woke up again. Didn't make a sound, but I still panicked. When I checked the time, I noticed that it was 11:53. 'How is that possible! This time I overslept?!' I rushed out of bed and grabbed my hoodie before I ran downstairs, still panicking. "Edd! Where's Tom?!" "He's at the park waiting for you. He knew you were still sleeping, so he wanted to be there until you woke up." Without saying anything else, I ran out the door, closed it, and ran to the park and saw Tom sitting on the bench. "Hey, you're finally up." "Tom, we gotta go!" "What? Where?" I didn't answer his question, instead I pulled him along the sidewalk until I ran to the beach, the light house was the safest place I knew, and I could maybe relax and enjoy the view with Tom. "Tord! Why are we running!? Or what from!?" "I'll explain it in a minute!" When I turned around, I saw HIM. It's like he knows my every move. I freaked out. I let go of Tom and realized what I did. When I tried to grab him, I was too late. When he fell back I closed my eyes to bear me from the scene. The sound was gone, I looked to see blood on the stairs, on the sand, and Tom's broken face. Even though I already seen him die twice, this was one that made me feel like throwing up. I fell into the deep sleep once again.

(Le time skip cause I want to get to the good stuff)

I had lost count of how many times I reset. All I do know is two things.

1. It has been at least ten years in counting, but there's no real date.

2. No matter how much I try, TOM JUST KEEPS DYING!

I had seen him go through being burned alive, cutting himself, kidnapped, scissors to his stomach, hanging himself, jumping off a building, his whole body being shot, and more that I couldn't take. I always felt the heat, the haze of the sun, every time Tom dies, HE will be there. Always laughing after every death. It's just.... Not clear. This was our 17th time at the park, I know he loves music, so I made a song based on what has happened. I don't know if he'll take it as a message, but at least it's worth a try. "Hey, Tom... I wrote a song." "Wait, you. Wrote a song?" "Uhm...Yeah. Wanna hear it?" "Sure. Whatever." I've never been so happy to hear his tone. He had Susan with him, so he let me borrow her. "Okay."

"August 15th at 12:30 noon I don't see a cloud above

The sun is shining down, what a pretty day

So sick of this summer heat I can't beat away the haze

The rays are giving way

And spending all of my time having conversations sitting next to you

"Hey but I...don't really like the summertime"

And as you were petting on that cat you said such a daring thing

Right from under your breath

Ah, and as that cat had ran away

You tried to chase it in the end

Jumping right out in front of a

Traffic light that poured a shade of red bright red

Crashing in and breaking you to bits

That truck a heard a scream a little bit too late

Blood dripping everywhere and choking your smell of hair

I breathe in a gulp of air and just can't take it

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me

"What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!"

And with the blue of sky I hear singing crickets cry and

Fall right back into another dark sleep

Sitting up in my bed I could hear ticking clocks the shock

Will mock my ever ringing head

I look to see the time

August 14th at 12 something noon I don't see a cloud above

The sun is shining down

And yet I hear a cry of a cricket singing loudly in my head

Hey but I...I really have to wonder why

Because in the dream I had last night we sat in the

Same old park we are sitting at now

"Hey, I think the two of us should leave."

But stepping slightly off the path, their heads turned up towards sky

And were gaping pointing struggling to keep away a scream

Stabbing holes and splitting you in two

The beam made seam as it fell straight from the sky

Ringing an old wind chime and shaking a passerby then filling the air

Until they hit those park trees

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me

"Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream!"

Vision it blurred away and keeping my thoughts at bay I swear you stood there while keeping such a dark smile

Endlessly I see that over heated haze

And again the laughing will repeat on through the days

You've been dying for the past ten years

We are trapped in cycles and the end is never clear

But a story is a story all the same

And today like any has an ending so to say

Far away and out beyond that scorching summer day..."

Tom looked surprised and amazed at the same time. "Wow. You made that?" "Y-yeah.." "How did you get the lyrics?" "You really thought of it as no message?" "What message? I think it would actually make an interesting story. Good job." "Thanks." I said it in a sad-like manner. I was happy he actually thought it was a nice song, but I was sad about the fact that he didn't get the message. The cat came back, and Tom started chasing it once again. It felt like time had froze right there. Is there even a way to escape this time loop? I've tried everything I could. But... If I can't stop him from dying... Maybe I'll have to risk MYSELF.

I ran off the bench, pushed Tom back as I was ready to possibly face death. The stranger that caused all of this, he was staring, not in an amused way, but shock. Tom was wearing the same expression. But before the truck could hit me, I saw someone that looked like an older version of Tom with a visor, and a thin long sleeved uniform. He had an aura like my lookalike, but it was blue. I had only a few seconds of shock before I was hit by the truck. Everything went black.

When I opened my eyes, I didn't feel any pain. What I saw before me was the scene of my death. I was standing right beside the bench. I could see the two silhouettes. One that looked like me was terrified of what just happened. He really never thought I would do that. The one that looked like Tom was just staring at the real Tom. He was holding my body. There was blood everywhere.

"Tord. No. No. TORD!" Tom was crying. "Please! You can't die! I-I... I love you, Tord. I just wish that I could tell you. I WAS JUST TOO MUCH OF A COWARD TO SAY ANYTHING! And... Now it's too late. I'm s-sorry. I'm sorry. I'm s-so sorry, I l-love you, n-nothing will ever c-change that." I felt like I was about to cry myself. I walked over to Tom sat right beside him, and sang anything that came into my head to finish the song I wrote. But slightly slower than before.

"Endlessly I see that over heated haze

And again the laughing will repeat on through the days

You've been dying for the past ten years

We are trapped in cycles and the end is never clear

But a story is a story all the same

And today like any has an ending so to say

Far away and out beyond that scorching summer day....

Crashing in and hitting me instead you

I pushed you aside to nearly dodge a truck

Blood dripping everywhere and choking my smell of hair

You breathe in a gulp of air and just can't take it

Are these lies? I haven't heard him say

"What you see is exactly what your gonna get"

Maybe this summer day has finally gone away

But that's all I'll say so this is where it ends now"

Tom was crying but not as much as before. He looks like he's hearing a ghost, I hope he heard me. "Tom? Can you hear me?" "T-t-Tord?" He-he actually heard me. "T-TORD! I'M S-SORRY I NEVER SHOULD HAVE L-LET T-THIS HAPPEN! I-IF I JUST SAID SOMETHING S-SOONER THIS W-W-WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED!" "Tom, Tom, it's okay. It's not your fault. It never was. To be honest, I felt like you really hated me and Edd was forcing you to hang out with me." "*Sniff* N-no way, If Edd asked me I probably wouldn't have done it at all. Not even if he paid for my Smirnoff for 3 months." "Really?" "Y-yeah." "I'm not exactly gone there might still be some time to save me." "R-really?" "Yeah. I don't have a glowing aura, so you can't see me, but you can hear me, so I might just be unconscious." After our conversation, Tom picked up my body and ran off. I didn't know where he was taking me, but I felt like i'd find out soon. After 30 minutes, I couldn't see the silhouettes anymore, and passed out.

(1 hour later)

I woke up, but there was an intense pain in my stomach. "Tord! You're awake!" Tom was really happy seeing I was awake. Edd and Matt were sitting down and I can tell they were relieved. "Are you okay, Tord?" Of course Edd was the worrying friend. "Yeah, my stomach just hurts a lot." "We're glad you're okay, Todd." Seriously? He forgotten my name only over the time Tom remembers us hanging out together. "This will be our only trip to be here. If we keep coming back on a daily basis, we'll have to keep paying." "Please tell me you're not being serious, Edd." "He's being serious, Tord. And don't worry, as soon as you leave, i'll be waiting for you." Edd and Matt left the room. "Bye Tom." "Bye Tord." He gave me a kiss (on the lips) before walking out with a smile on his face. "Everything is going to be perfect." Me and Tom might be in for a relationship. A real one. I can't wait to get out of this hospital. "I'll see you soon. I love you, Tom."
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I know this song
Cool! Do you know any other songs from Jubyphonic covers? I was wanting to make other stories out of them!
on April 12
on April 12