Truth or dare

Truth or dare

Jasper was dared by his friends to ask out Luna who had always had a chrush on him. Jasper starts falling in love with Luna as well but when luna finds out that it was a dare problems arise.

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Chapter 1.

Friends can make you do lots of things


I moved my right foot to a side trapping the soccer ball I dribbled and then passed  it up the field to Ryan. A defender ran in front of me as my team mate did a throw in. The coach blew his whistle and he threw. It went over the defenders head and right to me. Relizing I had the ball I took a shot at goal. The goalie slid to the ground bearly missing the ball.

"Score! That puts river valley in the lead 4-3", the referee said.

20 more seconds of the game the ball bearly got in play before it was over I had scored the winning goal!

"Great job jasper", Luna said rushing over to the bench.

Oliver handed me my water and a took a refreshing drink. Before I said "thanks"

"You caused the winning goal that's a big deal", Luna said.

I knew it was a big deal I just didn't let things get to my head.

"Your awefuly quiet today", Luna said.

"I'm just out of breath", I said which was for the most part true.

After luna had left and we had helped pick up around the field Ryan elbowed me.

"What was that for", I said rubbing my shoulder.

"Luna likes you", he said in response

"I'm well aware of that", I said.

"You should ask her out", Oliver said.

"But I don't like her that would be unfair", I said.

"I dare you", Matt said.

"Double dare you", Ryan said.

"Only as a dare", as soon as I said it I regretted it but I couldn't turn back now.
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Comments (3)

I'm rereading this story. I'm noticing a lot of spelling errors and things are going to fast for Luna and Jasper.
on August 04, 2018
This story is pretty interesting....
on February 16, 2018