Quest of Edon

Naragi Maalik, the close friend and servent to the royal family of Edon, helps a dear friend in avenging the death of the king and saving the kingdom.

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The King Is Dead

Naragi sat in bed, staring out the darkened window. Shouts and cries could be heard from outside the tower he abides in. He stood, pushing off the heavy quilt. Naragi sighed, catching sight of the white breath that hung in the air.

He shrugged on a coat, stumbling out his bedroom door. His golden, tired eyes grazed over the the sets of stairs that spiraled downwards.
Naragi gently pushed his forest green hair out of his eyes as he approached those treacherous stairs, which had a thin layer of frost that covered them. He carefully descended, watching his footing.

The timberwolf stopped infront of a gray painted door, knocking softly. A soft groan of a boy being woken from his sleep drifted from behind the wooden door.

A young dragon boy, with gray scales and hair opened the door, "Maalik? What do you want?" He muttered, rubbing at his eyes. "The shouts. I was wondering if you'd like to find out they were, with me." Naragi spoke, blinking his golden eyes. The stone colored dragon sighed and nodded, stepping out of the room. "Yea, I guess. But you owe me, Maalik." "Thanks Stone." Naragi smiled, leading the prince out of the corridor.

"The king is dead! The king is dead!" is one shout that stuck in Naragi's mind. He froze, his mind raced, 'The king? Dead? No. No no no, that can't be...' he thought. Stone seemed to be thinking the same thing. They stared at eachother before breaking into a full out sprint toward the courtyard.

When they arrived, there was a crowd of people; some crying, some were shouting at others for help. The two children pushed through the crowd. Naragi's mind was blank, he didn't understand why anyone would want to kill King Ebony. Stone dropped to his knees, infront of his father's corpse. His mother and sister were there already, crying and sobbing all over the deceased king's chest. Stone looked terrified. Of course he was, the man he had looked up to is dead; brutally murdered.

Stone looked up to the sky, snarling at first, before letting lose a roar of hatred and loathing, of sorrow and sadness, of loss and confusion.
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