The dork diaries fan fiction about Brandon's story

The dork diaries fan fiction about Brandon's story

This is dork diaries fan fiction about brandons story what does Nikkis crush RELLY think of her?

published on September 03, 201571 reads 27 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
I can't believe myself

I can't believe myself

(Hey guys it's Joceaphine and I'm th the author I just wanted you to know that you must read Briannas story before you read this one'or it won't make sense also unlike the other one this one is 12+ due to VERY mature themes)

I tugged home thinking about Brianna maxwell, she had kissed me then told me that Nikki has a crush on me.

All of this is makeing my head spin. "There you are" grandma exclaimed. "Sorry I went out without telling you" I muttered "don't worry about it just tell me next time" she said happily.

I thanked her for not takeing it to hard and whent to my room. It was 9.00pm at night and we spent pretty much all day looking for Brianna. But I have a question where did Nikki go?.

After Brianna kissed me I herd her run off, hey if she was mad I couldn't blame her. I would be mad at myself, but I needed her opinion on me so I choose to call her.

Ring Ring Ring "hello" a crooked voice answerd as if she had been crying. "Nikki what's up its me Brandon I'm Relly sorry for-" "LOOK BRANDON I AM SO MAD YOU ACTUALLY KISSTED MY LITTLE SISTER" I was hert that she said that but I couldn't blame her.

"Actually Nikki she kissed me" I said calmly " DONT BELIEVE YOU BRANDON I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN" she shreaked then ended the call.

I hated myself then, the love of my life hated me I can't cry but I need to do something to end my anger. Then a thought crossed my mind of what I could do, I hated the idea but I needed to get my stress out.

I ran to the kitchen and checked around for my gardens, nope they probably whent to bed.

A wave of anger rushed suddenly over myself. I grabbed a knife and sliced a cut on my arm, OUCH that hert but it relieved some pain.

I stared at the cut for a while then cut another remembering that Brianna was Nikkis SISTER. I just glared at my cuts as I truged down stairs to my room.

As I got to my room I flopped across the bed as I watched blood drip from my cuts. I HATED myself my parents proberly DIDENT get homisided they probably committed suiside because they had to live with me.

I feel asleep hopeing the blood will drip all out and I'd die in my sleep,I can't believe myself.
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Just wondering why does it matter if Brianna kisses Brandon? She’s a little girl!
Nice story tho
20 days ago