A story :p

A story :p

Its a story about a girl that everything bad happens to, from the least dramatic thing to the worst things possible. i know its shirt but i didnt feel like writing a lot like i usually do. hope u like it

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chapter one

I woke up to a loud beeping noise. I was my alarm clock, telling me that it was time to get ready for school. I frowned and pressed the snooze button, but it wouldnt stop beeping. I pressed it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. It wouldn't stop beeping. I was really starting to irritate me, so I yanked the cord out of the outlet, but it contiuned to beep somehow. I yelled out in anger and threw the alarm clock across the room and huffed when it busted. The beeping had finally stopped, so I started getting dressed finally.
When I got to school I bought a cup of coffee and took a tiny sip so as to not burn my tongue off. When I walked away from the counter where the school sells coffee, someone bumped into me and made my coffee spill all over me. i screeched out in pain, for the coffee scalded my entire body. The guy that ran into me could only laugh. I balled my hands into fists and ran into the bathroom. I yanked my shirt off and pulled my jacket on and zipped it up as fast as I could. Then I shoved the shirt into my backpack with a small sighl. That was my favorite shirt.
In first hour, the teacher told us to pull out our textbooks, but when I searched my backpack I coukdn't find it. I sighed and asked the guy next to me if I coukd share his book with him, but he snapped at me with no. Everyone in the room seemed to do that to me. I sighed again and just closed my eyes. The teacher got on my case and asked me why I didn't have my textbook, so I told him that I left it at home. H said that I was going to have to do the work for homework then. I groaned.
Second hour, people kept laughing at me and calking me rude names and making dun of my appearance and such. I tried to ignore it, but then it got to be too much so I turned around in my seat and snapped at them, but that only made them laugh and mock me more.
Third hour, somebody stole my paper and changed the name on it to theirs, so I had no choice but to use their paper as my own. I just sighed and closed my eyes. This day couldn't possibly get worse.
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Lol thanks
on November 11, 2018
on November 11, 2018