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Chapter 1.


"Please dont kill me..." The young boy was shaking like crazy.. Sydney stared at him..  "W-what do you m-mean..?" Sydney asked. Dark red blood was splattered on her whole body and onto the walls. Her pearl white eyes widened as she screamed loudly. "What have I done?" Sydney muttered to herself.

"So.. We're the same then?" Triston asked. Sydeny stared at him. "I-i dont know.." She shakened. That day Sydney didnt know what happened. But she did know something. And that was she had murdered her own mother.


Who would've know that two completely different people would become so similar..?

Sydney grew up on the dark side of the world, WitchesBrew. But she also grew up being blessed, or some people say cursed. Her power is to control her blood. It was a rare power that only a couple people can do. She grew up not knowing this for a long time. For most of her life infact. Untill that day. The day she killed her own mother. She didn't cry that day, because she wasn't sad, but she wasn't happy either. She just happened to be just surprised. For the longest time she hid that power even though most people were informed about it. She hid herself deep into her thoughts. Everyone called her names, like murderer, daughter of satan, etc. She is now the only one of her kind.

Triston lived in the complete different side of the world, Arcane. He grew up normal nothing seemed different about him. Except that he grew up adopted without knowing it. And the reason why is sacred. While his mother was giving birth to him, his powers destroyed his family. He was weak as a child and was bullied a lot because of it. Life? Life was nothing but sorrow to him. Intill he met her..
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Your grammar is a little off, but I understood it all and found this story really cool! You have a really cool imagination. Keep Writing c;
on April 12, 2015
on March 26, 2015