Suicid.e mission

Suicid.e mission

Belle Reve, home to the suicide Squad and others with the same mental states. When Imogene Willows is brought into Belle Reve known as Psychoa due to her ability to mess with people Mental and Emotional states, Amanda Weller sees her as an woman to help build up the squad against the joker but with what price?

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Chapter 1.
Welcome to Belle Reve

Welcome to Belle Reve

"Hurry up and get your pretty little Ass out of the Van before I move it for you!" An SWAT police Member says before getting the newsiest member to Belle Reve Prison or as most people know it as the sanatorium for the crazy people.
"No need to be so harsh Officer" an sarcastic voice replies back before getting out of the Van that held her prisoner for the two hour journey from her old asylum to this one. An woman with wine coloured hair stepped out of the van, her dark blue eyes scanned the area where she would be now calling her home
"Welcome to Belle Reve" she says out loud before pursing her dark red lips together and letting out an small chuckle
"Wasn't much of an welcome" She says before being dragged into the front office of the sanatorium
"Name please?" The male behind the desk says before looking at the SWAT cop who was gripping the wine haired woman tightly so she wouldn't run from his strong firm grip
"Imogene Willows, also know as the crazy Bitch Psychoa" the male behind the desk simply nods before handing him some keys to the cell where she would be staying in.
"Move it!" The SWAT cop says before pushing Imogene forward so that she would move faster so he could get out of her way before his emotions and Mental state could be corrupted by Psychoa powers.
"Well that not very nice to say to an lady is it" Imogene says before stopping at her cell
"It's quite Dull, just an bed and an window to look at the messed up place outside* an smirk forms at the corner of her mouth whilst the SWAT cop quickly removes the handcuffs that was cuffed tightly to her hands
"Stay in that cell missy because that the only place your ass will be staying in" The cop say before slamming the door shut and locking it so that she couldn't find any way of escaping anytime soon
"Good luck with her, she crazy" another's Member of the SWAT team says before hearing the front door office open to reveal the Suicide Squad
"Speaking of the crazy ones" Rick flag says before walking in and quickly places his gun down whilst the others members started to flood in. The members considers of Floyd Lawson or as the Squad know his as Deadshot, the psychiatrist gone crazy Harley Quinn, Digga Harkness or as everyone on the squad knows him as Boomerang, Chato Santana or as he is know as the hot head El Diablo, Waylon jones who is known as the killer croc,the  archaeologist who got possessed by an ancient evil force June moone also know as Enchantress and Rick flag Bodyguard Tatsu Yamashiro also know as Katana.
"So where is the newest recruit Weller wanted for the squad?" Flag asks the SWAT cop before taking the important file that contains Imogene Personal information
"Imogene Willows, the Phychoa, power corrupt the mental and Emotional states of those  she      Possesses. where is she?" The SWAT member points to the cell with it's little window open
"Welcome to Belle Reve Phychoa"
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