The Princess Of The Sky Part 3

The Princess Of The Sky Part 3

Helllo this is part three of The Princess Of The Sky so I hope you enjoy the story. I know this will not make any sense but I tried to continue my story.

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Chapter 1.


Snowflake and Flash has been going to the doctor and Snowflake was nine months."Flash,Flash, help the babies are coming " Snowflake cried while Flash called a ambulance.Once the ambulance got there they loaded Snowflake up and headed to the hospital with Flash.When they got there they gave Snowflake a room she went into labor.She was in labor for 3 hours it was 11:00 pm Snowflake fanily had her babies.
One of them was a girl with light blue hair and pink eyes and a boy with blond hair and light green eyes thier names where Abby and Dave and they were special one of them was blind and with both her parents powers.Abby  had the power of the sky,she is a swordsman,and she has her dads powers.Abby had wolf ears and tail.
Dave had only his dads powers and he was aslo a swordsman. Snowflake and Flash were happy as can be with thier new family but they had a problem.Flash loves Snowflake but this yandere person donest want them together.
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