The Battle of the Cats and Dogs

The Battle of the Cats and Dogs

For a long time, a pack of wild dogs and a colony of feral cats have lived in peace in different areas. As their groups grow, they need more territory. Eventually they run into each other and have a massive battle...

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Chapter 1.
About the Cats

About the Cats

Let's find out some about the wild cats.
They have several areas in their territory.
There's a kitten camp, an adult camp, and an elderly camp.
The kitten camp has lots of toys that they borrowed from house cats. There's always an adult watching them.
The adult camp is where all the full-grown cats hang out, sometimes hunting or chatting.
The elderly camp is where the old cats hang out and share stories. There's always a younger cat with them.

The cats love to hunt and share the latest news. They usually hunt fish, mice, and birds.
The kittens also love soft bedding. They collect flower petals, moss, and feathers to make beds.
The kittens sleep in closed-off logs for protection. The adults take turns watching over them.
The adults sleep in trees and stumps. If one of them gets sick, they usually sleep by themselves.
The old cats sleep in a cave. Their bedding is left out in the sun during the day to heat it up for the night.
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