Hi! This is my new story! It's about this super heroine who saves cyber space! Enjoy and tell me in the comments if you want me to continue! It's not finished!

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Chapter 1.

Chap. 1 Hack or glitch?

      "Why does this world hate me?" Mike asked himself. He'd just gotten home and showed his report card to his parents. One F... Just one... And they hate me for it... Mike thought. He walked to his room with tear filled eyes. He locked his door and looked over to his computer. I'll be safe there at least... Mike thought. He logged on and went onto his usual social network. There he felt safe, from all the cruelty and bullying, and parents that don't understand nothing." ERROR, ERROR, ERROR! YOUR COMPUTER HAS DETECTED AN ERROR!" Mike's computer screamed." What the?" Mike wondered aloud. The big red words that spelled out ERROR flashed across his screen." It's a hack!" Mike exclaimed. He pulled out the power plug but the computer didn't shut off. Then the screen went black for a few minutes. A few minutes later a girl appeared." When I'm done you must erase everything! Do you hear me? Or your computer will never shut on again!" The strange girl ordered.

All Mike could do was dumbly nod his head." Alright! Time to kick some cyber *ss!" The girl excitedly said. She looked to be thirteen, his age. With neon green hair that was done up in a ponytail, she wore a shiny black jacket thing that went down to her mid thighs. She had neon green tights with black knee-high boots." What's happening?" Mike said stupidly to his computer. As if the girl could hear him." Your computer is infected." The girl said straight faced, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. She pulled out two katanas and ran across the screen. It was then that Mike saw a deep red glow in a humanoid figure. It attacked the girl, and she took a katana and sliced it in half. The glow faded and Mike heard a bloodcurdling scream. The girl walked up to where her face was in front of the screen." Your computer's safe now." The girl said with a smile." Bye..." She left. Mike just sat there for a few minutes staring at the screen. What the f just happened!? He thought. He shrugged, maybe just a hack or a glitch... He shut off the lights and went to bed.
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