5 Nights At Freddy's--The Untold Story

5 Nights At Freddy's--The Untold Story

It starts off normally. A young girl decides to become a security guard at the pizzaria down the street. But when she finds the horrible truth behind the animatronics, she knows she isn't going to stay there for just 5 nights. (FNaF Theory)

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Prologue+Night 1

Prologue+Night 1

        It started with the advertisement.
        It was in the local newspaper–yes, I have the newspaper delivered to my front door. Don't judge me. I like my life old-fashioned.
        I was reading it, my fingers getting stained with the black ink. When I came to the ad, I stopped and looked carefully.
        Okay...my life couldn't get any worse. My sister was in college, my parents had moved out and left me here...I barely had any money. So why not?
        I was really, really stupid. My life COULD get worse. A whole lot worse.
        And it did.

        The first night in my new job wasn't so bad.
        All I had to do was monitor the little robots that went haywire and malfunctioned at times.
        Easy enough.
        My shift was from 12:00 to 6:00 in the morning. Whatever. It didn't matter.
        I think the animatronics are pretty cool, though. I wonder how the makers of these guys got them to move around and talk and sing. Beats me.
        There's one that scares me, though. The duck. I don't know...it's eyes are creepy. Also, when the rabbit showed up at my door, I nearly had a heart attack.
        Well...I need those 120 dollars...
        I'm just going to grit my teeth and stick out the five nights.
        At least I have the doors. I wonder what I would do if I didn't have them. Probably cower under the desk. Or tour the place and try not to get hit over the head.
       At 6:00, I got up and stretched. I shook my head and drained the last of my coffee. Then I opened the doors and walked through the building.
        The animatronics had all returned to their spots on the stage. I climbed on it and frowned at them. Wasn't the duck supposed to be a bit to the left? I stepped back and looked at all three of them.
        And the bear turned it's head to look at me.
        I'm going to admit, I almost panicked. Instead, I put my hand to my forehead. Maybe it's another malfunction. Man, how did they run this place? There were peeling posters, dripping water from the ceilings, and their main attractions malfunctioned!
        I turned to leave, but stopped when I heard a chilling voice behind me.
        "You're next."
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