Moonstars story

Moonstars story

Hey guys it’s been a while since I created something. So I just thought that I would make my ocs backstory for you all.

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Chapter 1.

Being born

One faithful night princess Luna was in labor, ready to give birth to her beautiful foal. After a few hours, a new filly was born and Luna was very proud as was her big sister, princess celestia.  Though the father of this filly is not known, princess Luna decided to protect her with her life.
The filly opened her eyes to see the face of her mother and aunt, both were so happy to see a new royal in the family.  Twilight and her friends, and thorax came to visit the newborn princess and were delighted to see her.
The little filly looked at thorax with interest and reached out to him, making him smile he nuzzled the little foal.
Princess luna smiled at both of them”I think we should name her moonstar.” Princess celestia nodded in agreement, while thorax smiled and said”that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful filly”.
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on December 12, 2017