Zircon's Backstory

Zircon's Backstory

Ever wondered what's really behind Zircon's "cold blooded" tough guy act? What's he really like? Well wonder no more, because this story will tell you everything.

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Chapter 1.
A Legend is Born

A Legend is Born

Guardianfuries were a truly rare sight to be seen, and no two Guardianfuries ever looked the same. Every one had their own appearance, nor were there ever a clutch of these dragons that had twins or look alikes to their parents. However, they all interacted with each other as a family none the less.
There was only one single tribe of the Guardianfuries, they weren't a huge tribe, but boy were they a force to be reckoned with. In fact, they were the last tribe. The tribe consisted of at least twenty Guardianfuries, and five more were going to be born into it.
Inside a dark stone cavern, sat two Guardianfuries, the leaders of the tribe, who were newly mother and father to a clutch of five. The mother was known for the triple row of spikes running along her back and tail, her scales a dark green, eyes a pale blue. She was a fairly simple looking dragon, but she was known as the alpha female, Thornwing. The alpha male on the other hand, had dark blue scales with lighter blue highlights of stripes, feathered wings, a tail ending in a club (like an Ankylosaurs), three horns surrounded in the back by a drill (triceratops) stood proudly on his head. The alpha male was known as Chargingstrike.
Both dragons sat patiently, though mother Thornwing seemed to be quite nervous.
~What if they don't hatch? They were due to be born four days ago.~ Thornwing growled nervously.
~Relax Thornwing, I'm sure they will hatch in time, the elder's predictions aren't always exact.~ Chargingstrike purred. Thornwing nodded, and just as the conversation quieted, the silence was broken by a crack. One of the eggs had finally cracked open! Thornwing and Charginstrike both stared at the egg intently, waiting for another crack or a baby dragon to pop out. The female then leaned down, took the cracked piece of eggshell in her mouth, and carefully pulled it up off of the newborn dragons head.
The egg suddenly burst open and there lay a whining cyan blue scaled dragon with black cheetah like markings on his face. He had small feathered ears tipped in green for ears and on the end of his tail, and a strange appendage that looks like a spine ran along the young one's back. The parents looked astonished at first, then purred.
~We should call him, Zircon. He's much like a gem...~ Thornwing purred and Chargingstrike nodded.
The next morning, none of the other eggs had hatched, and the parents carried the other four eggs to the elder, along with Zircon on Thornwings back.
                                                    To be continued...
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