A New Year

A New Year

Fairy Tail is officially throwing the biggest party in all of Magnolia to welcome the new year! Even Edolas counterparts of Natsu and Taylor were able to show up! However, a certain dragon slayer decides it's time to make his confession. ~romance and celebration~ By the way, happy new year to everyone and I hope you have an awesome year!

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The party

The party

Everything was perfect and looked great. The guild was loaded up with decorations and lights, people were already dancing, Melody and Lyon attracting a crowd as they danced together. Even though the two were from different guilds, Melody retained her crush on him. However, Natsu was patiently waiting at Mirajane's bar, nothing to drink, just waiting. Mirajane walked over to him curiously.
"Hey Natsu!" Mirajane greeted and smiled catching the fire dragon slayer's attention, who turned his head and smiled back.
"Hiya Mira! Ready for the new year?" Natsu asked excitedly.
"Yeah, I sure am," Mirajane replied with just as much excitement. "Are you waiting for someone?"
Natsu nodded, his smile never fading but a light pink dusted his face. "I'm waiting for Tay to show up, I asked her to be my date to the party."
"Aww congrats! I hope you two have a lot of fun." Mirajane said, and just as she said it, Taylor appeared at the guild entrance. The white haired girl putting her hand to the top of the pinkette male's head, and turning it. Natsu's jaw dropped as soon as he saw her.
Taylor was wearing a crimson red dress with sequence causing it to glisten like fire burning in the light, blue crystals around her neck, her usual dragon pendent from Hiryū, and little orange crystals were wrapped around her forehead like a crown in some way.
"Wow..." Was all Natsu could manage to muster up, Mirajane shutting his mouth for him.
"Natsu looooves her~!" Happy chimed and laughed as Natsu blushed and grumbled.
"I do not." He grumbled in reply, and looked over just to see Taylor coming up to him.
"Hey!" She greeted with a bright smile. Natsu himself was wearing a different jacket in red, his usual dragon scale-like white scarf, and black pants. He cleared his throat since he had been awestruck and smiled back.
"Heya Tay! You look nice." He replied finally causing Taylor to blush lightly.
"Thanks, I had a little help."
"Well whadya wanna do?"
"I have no idea." Taylor giggled as their Edolas selves walked up.
"H-hey guys." Natsu's Edolas self stuttered, his arm around Taylor's Edolas counterpart hesitantly.
"Hey!" Taylor instantly noticed the two, they were a couple. (Refer to my story A Shy Love for the Edolas cuteness)
"Edolas me, you're a couple with Edolas.." Natsu pointed at the earthland Taylor he secretly crushed on. Edolas Natsu and Taylor both blushed at each other and smiled.
"Y-yeah..." Edolas Natsu stuttered with a sheepish smile. With that, both the fire dragon slayer and nine tailed dragon slayer of fire and ice looked away from each other blushing.
"Natsu lets go dance.." Edolas Taylor said with her usual quiet tone, Natsu Dragion nodding in reply and stumbling away as Taylor Rivers held his hand walking away, with a big blush on his cheeks.
Meanwhile, the earthland Natsu and Taylor remained quiet for a bit, before just talking with each other and joking at Mirajane's bar.
Later on that night, when midnight was about to roll around with only ten seconds left to go, couples and friends paired up with each other as the countdown sounded from the crowd.
Melody and Lyon hesitantly partnered with each other, Melody blushing pure red and her fox ears twitching nervously.
"It's alright Melody, don't be nervous." Lyon said with a smile, tilting her chin up slightly to meet his eyes. Melody smiled and nodded.
Natsu Dragion and Taylor Rivers had stayed together the whole night, occasionally getting compliments or Lucy and Mirajane who fangirled over the couple. Natsu was blushing darkly and holding her hands, Taylor's Edolas self blushing just as bad.
Natsu's earthland self forced himself, he was finally going to tell Taylor how he felt as they partnered up.
"Tay, I gotta tell you something I've been holding back for a bit."
"What is it Natsu?" Taylor asked curiously, both their onyx eyes meeting one another.
"I've uhh..." Natsu started to get nervous, but he wasn't going to back out now, he couldn't. Not while the moment was right in front of him, the moment he could tell her without being interrupted by anything else.
"You've..?" Taylor asked tilting her head curiously, Natsu getting nervous and a lump forming in his throat.
"One sec." He grabbed a cup of water up off the bar counter and took a sip, setting it back down quickly and standing up straight, facing the nine tailed dragon slayer once again.
"I've... Had a... A crush on you for a while now." Natsu forced himself to say and blushed dark red, hoping for the best and not to be rejected. Taylor's face turned from its standard pale skin tone to almost as red as her dress in the blink of an eye.
"Natsu..." She hesitantly said and Natsu's heart sunk. 'Oh no, I messed up.' He thought, but didn't run away. He wanted to know what she had to say.
"Natsu I... I've actually.." Taylor was choking on her words a bit in shock. Natsu picked up his water again and turned the cup around to the side he didn't drink from, handing it to her.
"Here, have a sip and tell me what you have to say." Natsu said with a smile even though he was practically shaking.
Taylor took the cup and instantly had a sip, the cool water calming her down and she handed it back to Natsu, who in turn took it back and set it down.
"I've had a crush on you too, I always have." Taylor replied causing both dragon slayers to only blush brighter.
"Then I guess, this year we're a couple." Natsu said with a smile, pulling her close.
"I like the sound of that Natsu." Taylor replied wrapping her arms around his neck, the two leaning in as the other couples all did, everyone in perfect sync now, yelled out.
Every couple either kissed or hugged each other. Melody and Lyon, Natsu Dragion and Taylor Rivers, and of course, the new couple Natsu Dragneel and Taylor Oceana, were some of the few who met each other's lips in a passionate kiss. This really was a great way to start out the new year.
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