The challenge #1

A competition between 13 challengers created by the people you created. The last one standing will win. The competitors are Kali, Stella, Neko Niii, Hickory, Maria, Princess Rainbow Glitter Cupcake, Scarlet Bay, Shawndy Ayir, Tori, Derp, Thomas, Ryan, Punkleton. Good luck to your person if there in.

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Chapter 1.

Challenge #1

The competitors are trapped in a giant maze full and the last 3 people to escape the maze have a chance to gets out and loses.(if I were to say everything that happen, it would take forever so I will tell there placement and what they did wrong)

1)Maria(Used darkmagic to Instantly go to the end)

2)Stella(used the follow the left wall trick to finish just under 3 minutes)

3)Scarlet Bay(used her knowledge of books to find a quick way through)

4)Ryan(found the pattern that Kali found, then ran past her to get 4th)

5)Kali( observed a pattern in the maze, used it and found the end)

6)Hickory(trusted Thomas but doesn't know whats he in for. )

7)Thomas(made a deal with Hickory and they would help each other. Quickly found a path through the maze that was the fastest path. But spent to much time trying to trick Hickory. )

8)Princess Rainbow Glitter Sparkle(found an echo-y room, she shouted her name and cracked up to her name being repeated, then saw Thomas and followed him)

9)Derp(spent the first 20 minutes walking in circles, then saw a cat and followed it to the end)

10)Tori(As the maze got deeper in, she started to get freaked out because of the randomness)

11)Neko Niii(found a room of mirrors,  but got distracted by her beauty.)

12)Shawndy Ayir(Just got lost, like in a normal maze)

13)Punkleton (was to busy trying to scare the other people, forget about the competition, remebered when he saw Derp chasing a cat, then went the opposite way.)

(I will put more info the less people there are.)
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Comments (4)

Kalila found her way? Even though she's blind, huh? Echolocation!
Witch craft
on April 30, 2018
on April 30, 2018
on April 22, 2018
I vote for Punkleton(my own person)
on April 19, 2018