So I'll be posting random stuff on here like my A.Us and whats going one in my unholy life so yah i wouldn't read this but hey if you want go a head. UwU

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Chapter 1.

My friend is mean TwT

So in my Michael x Ennard story called Me love there was a chapter i posted saying please dont start #StartMichaelAftonxEnnardabuse
Or something like that but im talk to my friend about QFEAST and she goes "Hey Kazi!" So i ask her what does she want and she says "Well i was on your QFEAST to read your stories and i found you dont want #StartMichaelAftonxEnnardabuse" i say yah and she had to fuccking say "well guess what...#StartMichaelAftonxEnnardabuse" and when i say she screamed it i mean it i think my ears started bleeding but yah

Please dont start #StartMichaelAftonxEnnardabuse TwT
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