Merry Christmas (Demons)

I don't know what to put... It's a short Christmas story set in my Demon's Story so yeah

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Merry Christmas

It was the end of the year
the ground was cold.
Cyruss and Rose were walking for weeks
with no luck of support.
But the demons have been attacking less.

Rose fell to the ground
"Are you okay?" Cyruss asked rushing to her side.
"I'm alright, just tired" She said.
"Let's take a minute to rest" He said
"okay..." she replied.

Cyruss noticed her bag looked a little 'chunky'
"What are you carrying?" he asked
"it's just some supplies..." she turned away
"We've never needed than much before"
"It's Important"
"what is it?" he asked her
"It's a secret" she said
"Alright" he decided to drop it. "we should find some shelter"
The contined to walk until they found a little abandoned shack.

"You should get some rest I'll keep watch" he said
"are you sure?" she asked worriedly
"Yeah, you're the one who fell a little while ago." he smiled "I'll be fine"
"Okay" she said taking the bed.

Cyruss sat down on a chair and watched the door for hours until he slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Merry Chirstmas!" Rose shouted
Cyruss woke up startled falling backwards hitting his head on the floor.
"Are you okay?" she asked
"Yeah it's just a bump..." he got up holding his head.
"What were you saying?" he asked
"It's Christmas, I wanted to give you a present." she said handing him a box wrapped up in wrapping paper.

"where did you gett the wrapping paper?" he asked.
"I've been scavanging around when we arrived at towns"
he carfully opened it not leaving a single tear in the wrapping paper.

It was a sword and sheld
The sword was a Black blade with Cyrus's name carved in the bottom
and the sheild had an emblem of a Blue Rose within a Black sheld with some flames at the side.

"You've made this?" Cyruss stared at the weapons amazed
"mm hmm" she hummed proudly "I've carried it in my bag for the past 2 weeks and started making it a month before that"

"Amazing work" he complimented
"Well you see The Sheld protects the Rose from the fire" she said
"well you know that the sheld will never let the Rose get burned" he said
"As long as it's there, The Rose is safe" She said
"Yes but the Sheild need the Rose as much as the Rose need the sheild" He added
"They look out for each other"

"Merry Christmas Rose"
"Merry Christmas Cyruss"
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