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Chapter 1.


High school is like a zoo composed of wild animals. Although we often hate to admit it, there are two main stereotypical groups: the populars and the nonpopulars. In a zoo, the animals that people least want to visit are the microscopic frogs that barely do anything. However, people often misjudge them and are unaware of their cleverness, almost like the downgraded kids in high school.

        Then there are the most admirable animals that kids from all around beg to see, such as the lions, also known as the populars in high school terms. Although they may look tough and intimidating on the outside, a lion's intention is to only protect themselves and the ones they love. If that is so, could somebody please explain to me if the "populars" at my school are trying to protect themselves or the ones they love? Because it seems to me that they are all egotistic human beings that care more about their reputation than how their words and actions affect others.

         As I entered the red and brown bricked main building at roughly seven o'clock in the morning, the air reeked of stupidity. It could have been just me, though, because I did not normally have all of my senses functioning at the crack of dawn. I surfed through the crowds of hormonal teenagers and found my way to my locker. Spotting a wavy, dark brown-haired girl with beading blue eyes, I knew it could have only been Nicole.

        "Hey Elle," she greeted through a gleam. I applauded her for somehow always being so smiley at such an early time in the day, while I, on the other hand, missed the comfort of my own bed too easily. "Listen, did you hear about the Suave brothers?"

        The Suave brothers were the peak of the mountainous high school, the head of the lion pack. The girls yearned for them and the boys desired to be them. They were quite appealing to the eye from what I have seen, even though I only caught glances of them during lunch or around the corridors. The eldest brother, Ethan Suave, was a junior like Nicole and myself, and Devon Suave was only a sophomore. I'll admit, they were awfully attractive, and their last name suited both of them. Suave.

        I spun the lock on my locker in swift movements. "Not yet. What happened? Did one of them actually stick to one girl for once?" I laughed at my own joke, and Nicole could not help but curve the tips of her lips upward.

        "No, shut up," she playfully yelled. "I heard Ethan spotted his next prey." Nicole wiggled her eyebrows out of suspicion.

        Another detail about the Suave brothers was that they were extremely spoiled kids who knew what they wanted and got what they wanted no matter what obstacle stood in their way, especially when it came to girls. Each month or so, they got a new girl wrapped around their fingers. After they got what they wanted from her, they would dump the poor girl and leave her standing out in the cold with no regrets. Then it was on to the next girl. Heartless people if you ask me.

        "Not again," I sighed. "Poor girl. Who is it this time?" I really felt for these girls and suffered to see them the next day after the boys were done with them; each girl looked droopy-eyed and on the verge of tears. I had questioned how a simple boy could drastically affect a girl like that, but I had learned to keep quiet over the years. Questioning it would not have stopped it.

        "Nobody knows. I just heard around the halls when I passed the popular crew." She wrapped air quotes around the words popular crew. "One of them said, 'Ethan told me himself that he found the next girl, but this one is different. She's not like one of us.' Then they all laughed," Nicole responded. "Whoever it is next, I hope they don't fall for the boy's charm, like how I did." She wrapped her arms around her chest and frowned.

        Nicole had been a victim herself, personally by Devon. Devon and his brother did the same routine each time: stole the girl's heart and returned it in just a month, beaten and broken. Since February had commenced, it was due for both brothers to choose a new victim. I was surprised that they had not done the entire school's female population yet.

        "Hey, that was the past. Forget about it. They're both idiot brothers, and we know it, alright?"

        She grinned wholeheartedly. "Yeah, I'm over it. It was completely stupid anyway. I guess we'll find out who it is at the end of the day. How do you think we'll find out?" Nicole began historically laughing, "Remember the time Ethan made the announcement on the loud speaker and got suspended for doing so?"

        I nodded. "Those boys are honestly nuts," I snickered. The fact that they would go through so much trouble just for one girl was ridiculous. Come to think of it, what they did was not even for the girl. It was always for their own reputation, their own selfish desires. "Well anyways, I still have yet to finish my English homework, so I'm going to go to first period."

        "Me too. I procrastinated too much last night," she laughed. "See you later." I waved good-bye and dragged myself to my history classroom.
        Entering the threshold of the empty classroom, I wandered towards my seat in the back and pulled out my English homework. My eyes scanned the questions inscribed on the paper. Write an essay to summarize William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Include details from the story to support your answer. I massaged my temples in frustration. English was extremely complicated for me; it was rocket science in my eyes. Out of annoyance, I shoved the paper back into my folder.

        "Mornin' Elle," I was acknowledged by a male voice. I averted my eyes to where the sound emitted from and saw the average brown-eyed, brown-haired Conner, also known as Nicole's boyfriend. "How's it going?"

        "Eh, I'm alright. How about you?" I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

        He perched himself down on the seat in front of me. "Good. Hey, have you heard the news? Ethan found his next--"

        "Victim. Yup. Your girlfriend told me earlier. She beat you to it." Conner blushed at the sound of me saying his girlfriend. They had already been dating for a year, and he still got embarrassed every time I mentioned anything about them. I could not blame him; he'd crushed on the wavy-haired, blue-eyed Nicole since the eighth grade.

        All of the fluster in his cheeks disappeared. "I swear, I hate those boys so much. If only Nicole listened to me before. I warned her about Devon, didn't I?"

        "Conner, it is not your fault. You guys were not dating back then. Those brothers do what they feel, and they're pathetic. Maybe you can warn the next girl," I suggested.

        He sighed rather dramatically. "Maybe."

        When the bell alerted that it was time for lunch, Nicole, Conner and I settled at the lunch table that we normally ate at. Nicole and Conner giggled and laughed at some joke that I was not a part of, while I conversed with another girl at our table. To be honest, I sometimes envied Nicole and Conner. I was a bit of a sucker for love and felt like a third wheel around the both of them. At the time, I just wanted to know what it was like to have somebody love you as much as you loved them.

        "Elle, I forgot to tell you something really important!" Nicole nearly screamed, shoving a fry in her mouth. "I heard that Lance Washington was going to ask you out on a date," she winked. "He's honestly so adorable. You guys should definitely date. We could all go on a double date!"

        Conner glared at Nicole due to her remark about Lance being adorable. "Conner, you'll always be my love." She locked lips with him, and I turned away in disgust.

        Lance Washington. He was seemingly impeccable with his sandy beach blonde hair and chocolate-colored eyes. Not only was he alluring and charming, but Lance also acquired the mind of Albert Einstein and was extremely intelligent. Maybe my dreams of romance were finally becoming reality. "Really Nicole?" I asked, causing her to pry herself off of Conner.

        "Yeah. He was talking about it during Spanish with his friends," she reported.

        It was not every day that an enticing boy like Lance was interested in a mediocre girl like me. I attempted to stay calm and collective around my friends, but that was inevitable. "Nicole, I could just scream!" I shouted with glee. "But I will not, because I am a sophisticated young lady," I stated, crossing my legs, folding my hands on my lap, and straightening my posture. After a moment of silence, we all busted out laughing.

        When the last bell of the day chimed (or more like reverberated), I buzzed out of that English classroom like a honey-crazed bee, praising the Lord that the class was over with for the day. I pushed my way through the congested crowd and quickly stepped down the stairs, sliding my hand along the railing for support as I descended.

        "Hey Elle! Congrats!" shouted a guy, specifically a basketball player, from the top of the stairwell. I kept myself in place, wondering why somebody I had never talked to decided to suddenly congratulate me on something that I did not even know was plausible. He followed it by whistling and hollering.

        I had no concept that this boy even knew my name. Raising my eyebrows in bewilderment, I asked, "Excuse me?"

        Another girl with thin-framed glasses and freckles on the bridge of her nose that I had never seen before in my life approached me. "Elle, right? I'm so sorry. Good luck, girl," she sighed quietly, squeezing her books tight to her chest as if protecting them from the unthinkable.

        I knew my school was crazy, but not this messed up. I ignored my surroundings and continued my walk to my locker, hesitant at what else would come at my way. Other hollers and whistles were blown in my direction, but I simply pushed them to the side, half expecting them to stop and half expecting more to come. There was either a gas that made everybody loopy roaming the hallways, or these people had finally gone mad. Whatever was the cause of this madness, it was beginning to irk me.

        Turning the corner of the hallway swiftly, I saw a bunch of people circled around my locker. Alright, now things are just getting a bit strange. Someone exclaimed to the huddle that I was there, and they parted like the Red Sea, making a clear pathway for me. I examined all of their faces. Shock, horror, excitement. Then my aquamarine-colored eyes inspected my locker, and I saw what all of the fuss was about.

        With discretion, I neared my locker and stared in panic at what was attached to it by tape. My hands tore the red heart-shaped piece of cardboard off the front of my locker. I focused my eyes on the two names written in calligraphy on the cardboard with black sharpie. Elle & Ethan. "Oh god," I muttered under my breath. "I'm the next victim." I was the lion's prey.
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