Fates Have Been Sealed.

Fates Have Been Sealed.

Basil somehow finds herself in the mess. Sold off to Kemen and meeting others...will she even make it through it all? Will she learn the rules? What will happen?

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Chapter 1.

"WHY ME?!"

The soft murmur of voices were as if millions upon millions of bees were buzzing around, looking for the next flower. There was laughing of old friends, growls of old enemies, and voices of chatter all around.

She couldn't see. She was aware of being tied to something - to what, exactly, she couldn't tell - and she was blindfolded. The air was rather cold, a rather chilly day. Her body ached and her wrists and ankles were itchy. The metal tang of blood was in her mouth for a reason she didn't know nor did she wish to know. She heard the chattering and laughing.

"MY DEARS," a voice chimed, "THE TIME HAS COME! LET THE AUCTIONING BEGIN ONCE AGAIN!" Basil didn't understand. What auction?

The crowd went silent as her blindfold was unwrapped. She could many other people. "This is Basil Hazel. She's beautiful, isn't she?" A male voice chuckled lowly. "Beautiful basil-colored hair. A grassy green eye and an eye blue as the sky! We put her in...proper clothing." There was mischief in his tone as he said the last sentence. Basil didn't want to imagine the outfit she was in. Not at all.

"START THE BIDDING!" The male yelled. Almost as soon as he spoke, people started shouting numbers. Basil could feel her lips tremble as more shouting erupted. It seemed like decades before it stopped. "AND THE WINNER IS...KEMEN!" The male shouted as the place quieted down.

A male with completely red hair stepped on whatever they were on. Basil had to assume for it to be like...a stage type thing. The male's smoky grey eyes studied Basil carefully and with a scoff, he turned to the other male. Basil had to assume that was Kemen. Kemen was wearing a dark grey-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. He had bandages wrapped completely around his left arm and bandages around his right wrist and right hand.

"I wasn't expecting you this time, Kemen." The other male cooed. "Yes, I know that, Smoke. I'm rarely ever fuckking here. But the others were all busy. Or asleep." Kemen grunted and the other male, seeming to be named Smoke, chuckled. "Busy bees, then."

Basil doesn't listen to the two males chatter. She looks around, mainly at the people. All types of people were there. Finally, after some time, she noticed some others. Some others that stood out. They were quite a few of them - around three males and two females, she guessed - tied up. Most of them had a wound or two on them and they all seemed scared. Of course, they were blindfolded to. Most of them had tape on their mouth, excluding one female. She stared at them, her mind whirling. Was she wounded? What would happen to them? She shuddered at her thoughts. She jerked her head back toward the others as she heard someone approach.

Kemen took Basil, dragging her by the wrist. As they went toward somewhere she didn't know, she heard a female voice scream something.

"WHY ME?!"
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