If you wondering were Jason the hedgehog went click here!

If you wondering were Jason the hedgehog went click here!

So yeah me Noa aka firey aka Jason the hedgehog aka what ever you want to call to me

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Chapter 1.

What happened to my old account

What happened well one day I lost my WiFi somehow I forgot but it happened so then I was screwed I had no contact with anyone fast forward to when I get my WiFi back for some reason I couldn't log into my account for some reason so yeah it's dead all my hard work gone it's so depressing  just all you're work gone and stuff you were going to work on and never got released ever it's just sad so now I need 2500 characters but I need to tell everyone this I will probably do stuff I was going to do off my old account so yeah like any stories   I do have a leak for one of my quizzes it's a meme review no not like what pewdiepie does its not that it's basically how much do you know about memes so yeah man what do I write oh yeah I'm doing good with life my anger has been well and I'm trying to cuss less but it's not easy also a new object show coming up I have no idea what's it called but to submit a character it's a page on my profile so yeah also I may ft 4 from bfb I don't know who's the host but it may be myself or one of ocs still not at 2500 charas also how's life let me
know in the comment section also look at the about me on my profile it's hilarious also a new nickname its squirrel
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on May 24