MlpGravityFalls-Fan News!

MlpGravityFalls-Fan News!

Here is the daily news im gonna be making once in a while! Here are updates about meh page!

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Chapter 1.


Today im gonna tell you about few of the updates of my profile!
Ok before i start i just want to give the Qfeaster i know of the month is!

Ok now whats going on!
The up coming story is coming April 4th 2014 (maybe)
The up coming song is 'All Dazzling's songs'
The up coming love story is 'Kai and Malisa's Begining' (Malisa is my Sonic oc and Kai is her Husband Oc)

Ok. It has been a long Day today. Ok.
Updates about me:
When we be able to change our username i will change mine into

Ok. I finally uploaded Videos in my Youtube channel
(MlpGravityFalls-Fan) here is the list of thoose Videos
MlpGravityFalls-Fan Channel trailer
Gravity falls theme song lyrics
Speed paint Taylor X dipper
Speed paint Bipper
Me reacting to Pinecest
Mlp voices
Misquito Problem (dont own the comic)
Darkest day....Revenge Starts.... Trailer

Next video:
Mlp EG Rainbow rocks All Dazzling's Songs Chippette vershion

I now like Gravity falls now instead of mlp now
(Dont kill me please)

Ok. Hope i see you
Oh yeah dont Forget to join the cake army!

Bye. Hope you
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Hope you like the new me!
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