Panther's story.

This is based off of a roleplay I did with my friends. Oh and, Nighthiss and Hypnotic, if you're reading this, hope you don't mind ^^ OH AND please no hate comments c:'

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Chapter 1.

Authors note/ cat descs

                                     Cat descs c:
Hypnotic is a black she-cat with bright amber eyes. Kits are Panther, Grave, Severin, and Creature.
Nighthiss is a black tom with DARK brown eyes. He's kinda crazy and likes to kill cats. Despite his killing nature, he loves his family. Mate: Hypnotic Kits: Panther, Severin, Creature, and Grave.
Dove is a light gray she-cat with white paws and green eyes.
Severin is a light gray tom with black markings. He is calm and quiet, like his aunt, Dove.
Creature is a black tom with amber eyes, dark gray markings by his eyes, and a fiesty attitude. He loves to fight, like his father.
Panther is a small fluffy black she-kit with one amber eye and one dark brown eye. She loves herbs and wants to learn about them! She thinks they are the best things in the world <3
Grave is a dark gray tom with black markings by his eyes and a stripe that goes from his nose to the tip of his tail. He has dark brown eyes and also likes herbs. He is the runt and is normally ignored, except for Panther c:
                             Other cats
Deadspirit is a brown tabby she with bright blue eyes and a love for herbs. She loves teaching Panther and Grave about them! However, she is very vicious if attacked, and will not hesitate to kill if needed.
Stingstrike is a dark brown tabby with dark green eyes. He is the father of Deadspirit and kinda dis-owns her for not killing every cat she meets. He is a vicious cat and would not be a good person to get into a fight with x3

QUICK NOTE: Things will be dramatic, so don't read this if you don't like drama. Its a very dramatic story................
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