The Challenge Around the World 10

The Challenge Around the World 10

16 characters. going around the world, for another million dollars. I'm too lazy to think of a new prize, so i'll use the same as last seasons.

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Chapter 1.

Elimination Time

Joey: Pred, Adira, Yuno, and Steve. Lets see which one of you will leave.
Pred: Yeah. Which of these losers are leaving.
Adira: I hope Pred goes.
Yuno: Me too.
Pred: You're just jealous i'm awesome.
Joey: Sure... well two of you got zero votes. Adira and Yuno.
Joey: It's left to Pred
Pred: Meh...
Joey: And Steve
Steve: It's great to know that Pred is out of here.
Joey: Umm.. no. Steve, your out of here.
Steve: Wha-
Pred: So long loser.
Joey: Well... actually. Steve won't be taking the drop of shame. Because it's another non elimination. Steve gets to stay.
Steve: Yay.
Pred: Crap.
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