The Otherside

The Otherside

The races have switched those who were white are now black and now whites are being hated. Living in the old century little bit after the civil war Mary Daniels, and John Wild face the African Republic.

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  "Ugh the slaves not working" father said, he walked down to the stables and hit the boy across the back.
  "John dear, stop watching your father hit that white man it's rude to stare."
  "Ma, why does he always do that, the white man he always doesn't do any work."
  "Because he wants to die that's why." His father walked in blood on his hands
  "They bleed so easily you know." John looked out the window and saw the man on the ground not moving, he was alive but very hurt, his wife around 5'6 named Mary ran over to him. "His wife is gonna have another fit now ain't she."
  "Pretty sure if ya ask me, why didn't you sell her with the children, she'd make great money with a pretty face like hers."
  "Because, I can make money with her children." Mary looked back at the farm house, before helpin up her husband and storming back to their little house. Pa was right she was pretty of face but she also had a mighty fine temper. By and by that day people came and went, Mary kept herself outside caring for her husband, before she was dragged inside to help care for me and bake the food. "Mary are you almost done?"
  "Hold your asses, I'm working on it." She was smacked across the face for what she said before she went back to cooking.
  "You're lucky we didn't sell you."
  "I'd been fine getting sold beats having to work here and deal with your peevish behavior."
  "You will treat me with respect, I am your owner."
  "Hell you dont own me, you can't own a person that shit ain't right."
  "You are not to speak." Mary smirked and shut her mouth before turning and "accidentally" burning the food.
  "That's all your getting from me." Looking at me she handed me food that wasn't burnt and walked out of the house.
  "I don't like that slave's attitude."
  "I don't like her actions toward my son."

  Years later the civil war happened and my parents died in the war, I was taken in by Mary and James my parents slaves. By the time the war ended we moved closer near the north before settling in another farm house. "John dear come eat your food."
  "I'm not hungry."
  "John are you still sad?"
  "My parents died."
  "I know darling." Mary sat next to me and gave me comfort until I fell asleep, there she carried me to my room where I slept majority of the night.
  "I don't like the fact that why have our owners child in our house living with us after we'd been freed!"
  "Oh hush up James he's just a boy, he won't hurt a fly."
  "I know I just don't like the fact that he's living with us."
  "I raised him and I'll continue to raise him whether you like it or not."
  "Yes Ma'am."
  "Good, now let's go to sleep."
later that night people broke into their house and attacked Mary and James killing James in his sleep.
  "YOU ALL GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I GET THE POLICE!" they beat her down before leaving, Mary cried over her dead husband and tended to her wounds before checking up on me and making sure I was asleep. "Hush boy, you'll be a fine gentleman when you're older."
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