Dawn meets the world

Dawn meets the world

just a story of a simple girl. No, this is not about how magically she finds herself a soul mate. no this is not how she became rich or found herself really great friends. She never did. This is how she learnt a few things in life pls star btw. I need rep points

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Chapter 1.

Dawn meets school

Dawn was a quirky and quite a smart & brave little girl. she loved to see what's the world was about. she was growing up in a house where education matters. silly little girl said
"I wanna go to school!"
when she was five
The day finally came when she had to go to school
she was fine. she played well. ate okay. had fun.
until her sister was in the same school
after her sister left she had no friends in the school
she was alone. Kids never liked to play with her? Why? Did she bully them? No, she never did
She was  good but she was still ignored
Eventually, everyone made fun of her.
she was upset
she sat alone. no one had time for her.
when she was at home she couldn't feel happy. the house was a terror and full of rules. her mother was strict. she was good but also a lot strict. she was either busy watching tv or scolding her
she had a father who loved her a lot
but when she got into fights with her mother
no one was her side
her sister, father always supported her mother's side
she felt alone

she loved to draw
but her father said "stop those scribbles"
her mother was like it was just stupid
she was sad.

she  had these little stuffed toys
she hugged them tight
and cried all night

no one hugged that child and said "I love you"
her mother loved her but was too egoistic to admit it

her classmates thought how pampered she is
she got everything she likes
but in reality
she got nothing
she got her favourite toys
but never got the love she wanted
she never got the attention she craved

once she mistakenly made her father fall and get hurt and get admitted in a hospital before her birthday
"such a devil"

she told to herself
"All I can do is hurt people"

the world wasn't much fun
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