Hes my nightmare and tormentor (vampire story)

Hes my nightmare and tormentor (vampire story)

This is a story about a human girl who winds up having vampire move into her house. As they stay there she starts to get nightmares every night. Read and find out witch brother is tormenting her.

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Chapter 1.

The new guest and the nightmares.

Hi there, my name is Tonya Heart and my life was an ordinary one tell my fathers boss decided to stay at our place for a year.  This is were the story begins.  Tonya sat on the couch in the living room watching TV tell some one knocked on the door.  She got up to answer it but like all ways the maid got it but she still wanted to see who it was and peeked into the for yay.  In the door way she saw a man with short silver hair, brown eyes, and wearing all black.  A woman that reached his shoulders stood at his side with a big smile on her face.  She has long black hair, pail skin, and blue eyes.  Tonya liked the woman's eyes a lot and wished she had eyes like hers.  She listened to there conversation as she hid.  "Good evening Sr, how may I help you?"  The maid asked politely as she looked at them.  "Yes, were here to speak with the owner of this home."  The man in black said plainly as he looked strait back at the maid.  "Of cores, right this way pleas."  She said and gestured in Tonya's direction.  She quickly ran for the stairs and ran strait to her room.  Not knowing if they saw her or not but she hoped they hadn't.  Breathing heavily as she sat on her bed thinking about who those people could be.  When her breathing was back to normal she got up and walked up to her room door.  She listened as some one walked down the hall and jumped nearly screaming when some one knocked on her door.  Who is it?  She asked shocked putting her hand over her pounding heart.  "It’s me, I would like to introduce you to my boss and his family so pleas come down to the living room."  Her father Duglis said plainly, then walked a way.  

Tonya sighed annoyed yet nervelessly be for opening her door and left to the living room.  She expected to just see the two people from the door but was shocked when she saw two more people with them.  "AAA, hears my lovely daughter Tonya, Tonya this is my boss Fuller and his family."  Duglis introduced politely as he pointed to his boss on the other couch.  "Nice to meat you all."  Tonya said nicely and bowed her head slightly as she stood be hind her father on the back of the couch.  "Its an honer to finely meat you, I've herd a lot about you from your father.  He speaks vary highly of you, it makes me wont a daughter of my own."  Duglis's boss said nicely yet plainly as he looked at Tonya.  She didn't know what to say so she just smiled and blushed as she looked down.  "Well Mr. Heart, me and my family are here for a reason as you should all ready figure.  I cam to ask if you would do me the honer of letting us stay here in your home for at lest a year tell our home gets repaired."  Mr. Fuller said plainly strait to the point as he looked at Duglis who looked back shocked.  "Of course Sr, pleas make your selves at home.  My maids will show you to your rooms."  Duglis said happily, then rang a bell on the coffee table in front of him.  The maid that answered the door appeared a long with another girl.  The Fuller family stood up and followed them to there rooms.  "Dad, why did you tell your boss about me?"  Tonya asked confused and in wonder as she looked at her father still siting on the couch.  "I didn't just tell him about you, I told him about your mother too.  When I get bored at lunch time I tend to bring up my lovely two ladies."  Duglis said happily, then got up and left to his study's.  

Not knowing what to do she left back to her room and went on the computer to talk to her friends.  When diner time came she got off and left to the dining room.  She sat in her set next to her father on his left well her mother sat at his right.  As soon as the maids brought in the food she released 4 new maids serving the Fuller family.  "Are they your maids Mr. Fuller?"  She asked confused and watched as the maids pored some read stuff in there wain glasses.  "Yes they are and pleas call me Robert young lade.  I don't like to be called by my lase name but I only tolerate it at work."  Mr. Fuller said nicely as he looked at her from the other end of the table.  She simply nodded her head and started to eat her food a long with every one else.  As she eat she took the time to inspect the other two with them who she know wore there kids.  The one next to Ms. Fuller has short black hair, blue eyes, pail skin, and a little taller then her.  The other boy on Mr. Fullers left has silver hair just like him but it go’s a little past his shoulders, pail skin, blue eyes, and a little shorter then Mr. Fuller.  Tonya could tell the guys are muscular but not to muscular by how there clothes fit them.  She kept looking at the black hared boy and could see the resemblance between Ms. Fuller and him.  The silver hard one looks like Robert but has Ms. Fullers eyes.  As she looked at him he suddenly looked at her plainly making her snap out of her thoughts and paid more attention to eating.  As soon as she was done she left to her room with out a word and took a shower be for going to bed.  


She walked around the ball room as people danced around her.  She looked down to what she was warring and wondered why she was the only one wearing red well the others wore black mixed with white.  Suddenly some one grabbed her arm and pulled her to them.  She looked at the man confused but danced with him any way tell the mosaic stopped.  The boy had Silver hair but she couldn't see his face do to the gold mask on his face that held a smile on it.  Another song started so the boy held her again and led the dance.  As they danced his hold on her started to get tighter and tighter tell she could hardly breath.  "Will you pleas loosen your hold on me, I cant breath."  She gasped out trying to breath but he didn't listen so she struggled to get free from him.  The man seemed to get annoyed with her and pushed her a way cosign her to fall on the hard floor.  Suddenly her surroundings changed to a room full of blood on the walls and floor.  The boy that was dancing with her still stood in front of her looking down at her tell she stood up.  He disappeared as she dusted her self off and appeared be hind her.  Not realizing he was she looked up to where he once was and gasped when he rapped his right arm around her stomach and with his free hand he took off his mask.  Tonya couldn't see his face or dared to look as she breathed heavily knowing he was going to hurt her in some way.  The man moved her hair a way from her neck that was covering it and held the other side of her neck with his free hand.  She could fell his lips run up and down her neck as he breathed in her sent.  His worm breath a gains her neck sent shivers down her spin and goose bumps through out her body.  Next thing she know she felt a sharp pain in her neck and gasped in pain.  

~end of dream~

Tonya bolted up, siting up in her bed breathing heavily and held her hand over her pounding heart that felt like it was going to pope right out of her.  She quickly felt her neck where she thought she felt pain coming from but felt nothing there.  The pain slowly went a way as she looked around the room to see no one.  When she felt more calm she laid back down and went to sleep only to have another nightmare with the same boy.
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