The Fighters Part 6

The Fighters Part 6

PART 6.There going to be lovely doubly things in here.Anyways will Mayla be saved in time or will Roy suffer by this.Find out on part 6.Sorry if theses chapters are short.

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Chapter 1.
To the Save Her

To the Save Her

Roy and the others were on thier way to save Mayla.They fanily made it."She's in here " Amaze stated.They went in."Hey there ....." Mayla said.They went and run but Roy knew better .A trap was active."Geez..." Roy said helping them."So ,Mayla how can we help." Skylar asked considered."You guys need to ......" Mayla tired sayin but got stap in the arm.She got pick by her ears." Oww....Let go " Mayla yelped in pain.Roy was mad."Leave her alone " Roy said running and eveyone else was trying to.Sesa got his arm stap by Roy.Sesa had droped her.
Roy had caught  her.Mayla had kissed Roy on the cheek."I'll kill you Mayla " Sesa said retreating."Thank you so much you guys." Mayla said "I'm sorry that I didn't rell you about me benig a werewolf before " Mayla stated still holding Roy's arm."Its fine Mayla " Amaze stated patting her on the shoulder. "We're friends ,Aren't we." both of them said smiling."Let's go home and make a plan " Skylar said running.Malya still holding on Roy's arm.
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