Avengers couple one shots

Avengers couple one shots

So this is just an couple of one shots with my avengers OCs and their chosen couple

published on July 04, 20169 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Way into an frost giant heart ( Loki x Ebony)

Way into an frost giant heart ( Loki x Ebony)

The stars shone brightly in the clear night sky whilst there was no sound except an gentle breeze from the winds they were getting pushed over from the Arctic Ocean but it was an peaceful night, one perfect for gazing at the night sky or in Ebony case observing the stars that lined above her. Ebony sigh gently to herself before looking into her telescope whilst the god of Trickery and lies sat peacefully on an deck chair that she had brought along herself for this occasion, Loki's  eyes scanned the book that he had brought along with him whilst the mortal looked  for answers in the nights sky. He smiles to himself before watching as Ebony long brown hair flows gently in the breeze whilst her hands glide over the notebook that she had been writing down her observations in, Loki could never understand why he has feeling for this particular mortal but he somewhat managed to dig past his hatred to mortals and found the good in most of them, specially Ebony.
"Loki? Your not bored are you?" Ebony clear voice calls out before she takes an few steps closer towards the god, she couldn't understand what had brought her to love this intriguing yet handsome god that once wanted to destroy all humans
"Yes I'm fine my Dear" Loki simply replies before  going back to his book again and starting to pick up from where he had last left the story book adventure.  He smiles again before feeling the warmth of the Midgardian next to him and finally found himself pulling her closer to him, Scared she could slip away from his arms or his life any second
"It's quite an nice night" Ebony says before gazing into the love of her life eyes and gently pressing an kiss against his soft yet warm lips. An small chuckle could be heard from the god before he snaked his arm back around her delicate waist again
"yes it's an splendid night, how about you take some time away from the telescope Darling?" Loki says before folding up the deck chair and placing it back into the car, Ebony watches this movement before doing the same with her chair and lying on her back onto the soft green grass that was spread out like an carpet below her and Loki
"Do you like this dear?" Loki says before wrapping an tight arm around her waist and placing an few kisses on her cheeks and slowly down her neck, an soft gasp could be heard before she turns to face the god
"I love this Loki, just as much as I love you" Ebony says before watching as an shooting star quickly shoots past
"Loki make an wish' it's an shooting star!" Ebony exclaims before closing her eyes tightly and making an wish before feeling Loki hand tightly hold hers
"I wished that I get to spend the rest of my days with you Ebony, your the only mortal who has forgave me for the crimes I have done and I love you for that" He says before pulling her back into his chest where they stayed for most of the night.
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