High Score (BEN Drowned x Reader)

(Y/n) is obsessed with the game series Legend Of Zelda. She one day finds an old Majora's Mask cartage at a yard sale. Excited to play, she buys it and rushes home. Little did she know, it was more than just a game. Note: this was my first BEN x Reader that I have ever made. It's most likely a more fluff fanfic than my book Glitching Hearts (which has a lot of swearing lol). I hope you enjoy this one

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Chapter 1.

It All Began With That Game

Saturday. The one day to do anything you want. That's how (Y/n) saw it.

She rolled out of her bed and flopped on the wood floor. Groaning, she got up and walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower. 'Time to be lazy!' she thought, then stopped when she saw her mother.

"Don't forget to do your chores before you do anything else okay?" Her mom smiled, giving her a hug like usual. (Y/N) grumbled mentally but smiled. "Okay, I'll get right to it."

~Le Time skip~

(Y/n) finished her chores pretty quickly. Flopping onto the couch, she cuddled under her blankets. Her mom walked into the room and smiled, "One of the neighbors is having a yard sale, you can go over there if you like." Immediately (Y/n) jumped off the couch, put on her boots and blue hoodie and ran out the door.

Lot's of people were selling random junk, but all (y/n) cared about was finding some old games to play.
Walking around, she noticed there was a guy sitting in a lawn chair with a box of old Nentendo games. She was even more excited when she noticed the Nentendo 64 consol on the table.  Yes! Score one for (Y/n)!  She cheered mentally as she approached the guy.

He looked as if he hadn't slept properly in days, and he seemed quite jumpy.
"Um, excuse me. Are you selling the game system?" (Y/n) asked as she looked through the various games.
"Y-yes, I am." He answered quickly. (Y/n) had picked up a cartage that caught her eye. it was blank other than MAJORA being written on with black marker. Her eyes lit up and she faced the man. "Can I have this?!" He was a bit surprised by her sudden shouting. He nodded and even handed her the N46. "You can have both for free."
"Really?! Thanks!" (Y/n) was even more excited now. She thanked him and began to run home, only catching the last bit of what the man said as she left.

"-Just be careful of 'Him'."

(Y/n) rushed to her room to plug in the system. "Finally! I've always wanted to play this one." She turned on the game and picked up the controler. Everything seemed normal other than there being a file already saved.
"BEN huh? Must have been the previous owner." She shrugged and started a new game on the empty file. The game went by normally as expected, but every now and then she'd notice a glitch where the npc's would call her BEN and other times what she had set her profile name to.
"It's just old, I'm sure it's fine." She smiled and continued playing. As time went by, the glitching got worse.
"Okay this is just getting annoying." She reached to reset the console when text appeared on the screen.

"Would you like something better?"

(Y/n) blinked and rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Yep, it definitely said that. Once more she ignored it and shut off the console, deciding to play on her Gameboy instead.

As she booted up her copy of Pokemon Red, she noticed it too was glitching. "Okay, what the actual frick man."
Just like with the other game, odd text appeared.

"Don't Ignore Me!"

(Y/n) furrowed her brows. "Don't ignore who?" She asked to nobody in particular. She jumped when another message appeared.


By now (Y/n) was creeped out. Since it was late, she decided to go to bed.

The next morning, (Y/n) turned on the tv to try and play Majora's Mask once more, glad to find it was finally acting normal.
"It's about time." She muttered, but to her dismay, the strange text appeared yet again.

"Good Morning (Y/n). Did You Sleep Well?"

"WHAT THE FRICK FRACK CHEESUS SNACK?!" She stared at the screen. "Not this crap again!" Annoyed, and since her mother was calling her to spend some time outside. She put the game down for now and left the room.
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